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Beginner's Guide
Basic mechanics of a wiki

How pages work
Your userspace
How talk pages work
How to edit pages

Good writing

How to be funny
(Funny images)
(Funny choice of words)

Bad writing

Overuse of lists
Overuse of quotations
Bad grammar and spelling

Good behavior

Be civil
Don't do cyberbullying
Coexist with the Admins

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Help Contents
What Uncyclopedia is not

Most aspects of the Uncyclopedia's existence are outlined in our aptly named "about" page: Uncyclopedia:About.

There are a couple of important pieces to note in this article

  • "Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies."
We are not wikipedia, but that should already have been plainly obvious. Fact is discouraged, comedy is paramount. However, please note that the opposite of the truth is hardly ever funny. Funny > lies.
  • "The mission of Uncyclopedia is to provide the world's misinformation in the least redeeming and most searingly sarcastic and humourous way possible."
Humorous is the operative word here. While we say sarcasm is vaunted, we are not a dumping ground for pure propaganda, humourless nonsense, opinion, or flames.
  • "Try to be funny and not just stupid."
Stupid is not the same as funny. The next section illustrates this point exactly.

In essence, we are about parody. Parody is about making people laugh. Make people laugh. This is easily done by bearing the next section in mind when writing texty thingies about stuff.

Unlike Buddhism, Being a Good Uncyclopedian requires two Good things: Good Writing, and Good Behavior.

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