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A Boarding school is a kind of school where children are sent away to live without their family because their parents love them too much to keep them at home. The more the mother loves her kid the more years she sends her beloved boy (child or children) to boarding school. You have to be very lucky to be in a boarding school, that’s what a child is supposed to believe. A child in a boarding school lives without his mother, father, siblings, relatives and friends. He lives without his family or home. That is pretty much the definition of an orphan. Therefore a boarding school kid is a privileged child. In fact the more years he spends in a boarding school the more fortunate he is. This is because a child lives in a boarding school without everyday warmth or affection from his basic family for years together.

Maternal Deprivation[edit]

The starvation of Timmy Tomkins, left on the punishment hook over Summer vacation - the process that hardens boys into creatures who could never feel pain and thank their mothers for ditching them before they were weaned.

According to psychologists, institutionalization is detrimental for a child. But boarding schools are a black hole. All human laws breakdown in it. Therefore it is the best place for a child to grow because the child would be completely institutionalized. It is said in the anals of ‘The Society of Good Mothers’ that boarding school (self-righteous) administrators and good mothers hate scientists, like psychologists. They particularly hate psychologists with Ashkenazi Jewish surnames and their European-Jewish obsession with mother and motherhood.

However as everything else there is always exception. So the best friend of the ‘society of good mothers’ was a scientist called Dr. Skinner. Boarding school administrators and ‘Society of Good Mothers’ love Dr. Skinner because Skinner thought that boarding schools would be better termed as operant boxes or operant schools where instead of rats one just places ones own child for eons of years. This according to Dr. Skinner would create a society that would be without any freedom or dignity. [1]

Sissy Scientists[edit]

Good parents particularly can't stand Bowlby, a sissy boy whose good mother send him to boarding school when he was 7 years old, and yet he disgustingly went on to become a child psychologist. Even worse, he spent his entire life studying attachment and effects of maternal deprivation. Instead, the research that interests Good parents are those sponsored by boarding schools in order to reveal to the world the ‘truth regarding boarding schools’.

Good mothers particularly can’t stand Bowlby and his depressive theory on maternal deprivation. This is because good mothers want to send more children for more long years to boarding primary schools and even better nursery boarding schools, as this is the finest way to show care for children. [2]

Women and boarding school fascination[edit]

Boys being put through rugged-bullying or rugby for short. Over half a decade of boarding school will remove any trace of that weakness called 'human feelings'. Now you know why mothers and women are fascinated with boarding school for their sons and men

Your chance of getting an eve for a date increases exponentially to the years you have been thrown away to boarding schools. Boarding schools are a measure of macho-manliness. Privileged children shipped to boarding schools and who still hate it are indeed sissys that have no taste for women. For a sissy to get a date off the whim, all he needs to do is lie about how he enjoyed boarding school, and how it was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life. The theory goes that boarding schools makes boys into Greek gods called Spartans. Who were supposed to be painless creatures whose heart were removed as kids so that they would feel no pain or hurt. Thus making these children the wonder toy of women. However women themselves do not want to be thrown into boarding schools. After all boarding schools are meant only for Boys. Women however fail to understand that the so called Greek Gods they date are sissys lying from their teeth. When the world finally becomes totally dictated by Amazon, the laws shall make it mandatory to throw all new born males to boarding schools. In the commonwealth countries a mother is given an award for each year that she sends her child to boarding school. Any mother who sends her child for ten or more years in boarding school is then entitled for a badge of honor for making heartless creatures. She becomes the toast of the town and parties cannot be hosted without her presence describing her attainment. In fact according to the laws of the countries of commonwealth a child who never goes to boarding school and grows up at home is an unlucky child.

Just another brick in the wall[edit]

The official anthem of the sissy boys who hate boarding schools was written by a band of sissy boys. Being sissy boys they called themselves as "Pink" and then added Floyd to the name in order to make it poetic. ‘Society of Good Mothers’ has gone on to make a case against the sissy anthem to the Supreme Court of the United States and of every country. Pink Floyd go about shouting their anti-boarding school anthem, “We ain’t need any education”, while children are processed in boarding school machines into some jelly like substance. ‘Society of Good mothers’ do not want these processing to stop and hence have been fighting to ban ‘The anti-boarding school anthem’ since the late 1970s. After all, the aim of boarding schools is to create individuals who would be just another brick in the wall. It is for this reason that governments and good parents want tribal children to be dragged like cattle to boarding schools to create more bricks to create strong walls that would create good and controlled societies.

Survival is VERY important!!


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