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British Political Parties:

  • British Multinationalist Party - A left-wing, freedom loving party dedicated to ending poverty.
  • British National Party - A nationalist (to be confused with Nazi) based party that certain ethnic groups are unable to join.
  • Conservative Party - A right-wing party who don't understand what "tax" means but do understand what "tax evasion" means.
  • Conservatory Party - A break off from the above party who specialise in getting rid of all planning permission to build big conservatories.
  • Green Party - A party dedicated to the colour green. Many criticise this party as green paint is an unrenewable resource and that if they go about using it all up there'll be none left for the next generation.
  • Labour Party - A left-wing party dedicated to giving the unemployed miners of the North whatever they want.
  • Lemonparty - A yellow party dedicated to providing free lemons for the population.
  • Liberal Democrat Party - A new, uncorrupt party who aren't as bad as the normal two parties and only go as far as breaking promises and getting sent to prison.
  • Liberal Party of Great Britain - The historical version of the Liberal Democrat Party.
  • Monster Raving Loony Party - Voted the most sensible party in Britain. It attempts to tackle real world problems with common sense solutions and cheaply.
  • Respect Party - George Galloway's own party before he was exiled for being friends with Gadaffi.
  • Sausage party - A Germanic-origin party still running ever since it was set-up when the Saxons invaded.
  • Socialist Workers Party (UK) - They're not Communists, they just want to end the whole financial system and confiscate everyone's property.
  • Scottish National Party - A break off from the British National Party as the Scots wanted their own independent racist party.
  • Whig Party - Otherwise known as the traitor party. Supported the patriots in the American Revolution.