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I personally believe that this page will educate people, like such as the Iraq and the Asian countries, everywhere like such as, about me, Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children.

Some U.S. Americans, like such as Afghanistanis and the West Dakota, don't understand so many things about me, like such as that I am an actress and a model and I was on some shows that some U.S. Americans haven't seen, everywhere like such as The Amazing Race 16, where I went to help the black people and also the real people, because some U.S. Americans don't understand that the black people need things like actresses and models, too. Some black people don't have models, and I believe that the South Carolina should help, um, should help the black people, so we can build them up.

I want to help build up your understanding of me, because our education teaches us many things about India and the Korea but it doesn't help U.S. Americans or black people understand all the problems and misunderstandings I've had, like such as having to stand still so a photograph employee can show U.S. Americans and the Iraq about my new bikinis even though I had some problems and misunderstandings such as having to use the bathroom at that time.

Early Life

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Like many U.S. Americans, I was born in March 29 of the 1989 in the Kentucky. I believe that Kentucky is a good place to be born, like the South, or everywhere like such as the Atlanta and the Italian states. I personally attended Lexulous High School, but on the first day of class, I ended up at places like such as the gas station and the 7-11 because I didn't have a map. This personally led me to an understanding of the problems of U.S. Americans who don't have maps, and I promised to myself that I would help the U.S. Americans who thought they were talking to their teacher or their principal or their school nurse when it was another U.S. American, like such as a man who puts gas in your car so we can drive our cars for our children.

Our newspapers and our television news and everything such as radio shows said I was an honor student at the U.S. American high school Lexulous High School. I was glad and prideful then, because I was prideful to be an honor student, because some U.S. Americans can't be honor students, and I personally believe we should help them be honor students like me. But then I found out the television news and the Fox News and everything like such as them were saying I was an honor students when I personally was not an honor student. So then I was sad and regretful, because I personally believed that being an honor student was better than being another kind of U.S. American, like a bad student or a black person, but then I realized that this was just another opportunity to build up my education and to help the U.S. Americans build up their educations.

So I thought to myself thoughts such as, how can I personally help the South Carolina to brighten our nation and the problems that we face such as being said it was an honor student and then being said you were something not an honor student? But then I realized that I could join the Miss Teen USA pageant to represent U.S. America to the world and the African countries with my skills in the bikini and in everything else like such as an interview but not a talent contest because some U.S. Miss Teen USA pageants don't have the talent contest, but that's okay, because I can help build up my future and the future of U.S. America with just my skills in the bikini and the interviewing, for my future and our future.

Being the Miss Teen South Carolina

I personally represented the South Carolina in the Iraq, uh, the Miss Teen South Carolina pageant, to help the South Carolina.

I was excited and proud to represent the Kentucky and the South Carolina in the Miss Teen South Carolina beauty pageant. I competed against many U.S. South Carolinans and also some black people, who I was happy to see at the pageant, because it helps build them up away from the places such as the strip club and the drug dealer's porch, everywhere like such as.

Competing in the Miss Teen South Carolina pageant was challenging and prideful. I personally decided that the best way to help the U.S. in the pageant was to put on my orange bikini with decorations of white polka dots, because I thought putting on that orange bikini could help my body, everywhere like such as the cleavage and the stomach, to help build up my body so I could help the U.S. see what you can accomplish if you are a U.S. American who is in the Miss Teen South Carolina pageant.

I personally found that being in the pageant was a challenge, because I had to do many challenging things, such as walking, everything like such as smiling and doing the taping and the Vaseline. But I knew that walking and standing and smiling could help me, could help the U.S. spread my personal message of help to the Iraq and everywhere like such as. I was personally proud to represent U.S. America to the world and the black people and to the France, for our country. The South Carolina found me to be the best teenage South Carolinan in the U.S. America, and I was prideful of that, for myself and for our children.

Being the Miss Teen South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA pageant

The South Carolina sent me to the Miss Teen USA pageant to represent U.S. America in the Miss Teen USA pageant, and I knew I had to do my best, because some girls can't represent the South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA pageant, because some girls don't have bikinis and don't have speeches and the Vaseline. I put on my bikini and walked in many places such as the floor and the carpet and the stage, and people such as the judges liked looking at me doing these things for our country and for our future.

When I went on to the interview for my interview, I was nervous, because I was not wearing my bikini, but other things such as an evening dress, and I was fearful that an evening dress could not help build up my body, could not help build up my mind, to help answer the questions about the world peace and everything like such as our future and the Iraq and our country. But then Aimee Teegarden asked me a question about maps, and I was so exciteful, because I remembered my experiences and my memories about not having maps at Lexulous High School and at the 7-11 that I thought was Lexulous High School. So I smiled because I knew my experiences and my knowledge could help me to know the answer to the interview so I could build up myself in the pageant so I could help the U.S. Americans help the Iraq and the Asian Countries. And I said:

Aimee, personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on our map. I don't know anyone else who doesn't. And if the statistics are correct, I believe that there should be more emphasis on geography in our education so people will learn how to read maps better.

It was a good answer, and many U.S. Americans watched it on the YouTube. And the judges said I was the fourth best U.S. American teenager in U.S. America.

Having My Post Pageant Experiences

Doing the modeling was difficult but prideful, because I had to remember everything like such as not to let go of my shirt so no one could see my body everywhere like such as my breasts and my stomach.

After my answers with maps, I went to work with Donald Trump like such as the supermodels and the TV shows like such as The Apprentice and The Amazing Race and magazine covers, everywhere like Cosmo and the Iraq. But that is harder to write about because that is things that are right now, and I personally believe that it is easier to write about things that happened, because those things already happened so we can know what they were.

But one thing that already happened so I can personally know what it was and say things about it, such as things in the past, was my personal experience at Appalacian State University. I personally applied at Appalacian State University, and I wrote my essay about my beliefs and my goals about bringing things like maps to all the human beings and the black people who don't have maps, because people knew me then as someone who could help the world with its problems with maps. And Appalacian State University gladfully accepted my application because it knew I could bring the things we need in our education to their education.

But when I got to Appalacian State University in the North Carolina, it made me feel regretful. Because the teachers wanted me to do things like the math and the science and I told them things like such as that I was here because I wanted to make sure every U.S. American had a map of her own. One teacher said if I wanted things like such as to bring maps to U.S. Americans, I should open a map store. But I said he didn't understand and the way you make sure U.S. Americans and everywhere like such as France has maps is you put on a bikini and then it happens, because that is how things get done in our country and our future.

So I left the North Carolina and I moved to the California, because that is where the photograph employees are who want to take all the pictures of me, because some U.S. Americans don't have pictures of me, and that is not helpful to our need for our country to have maps.

Someday, I hope every U.S. American will have a picture of me and a map, so we can help U.S. Americans, so we can help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we can build up our country for our future.

Thank you for reading more about me so you can help understand your misunderstandings about me, Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina. Thank you.

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