Doug E. Doug

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His Imperial Majesty Doug E. Doug
Birth Date: December 12, 1982
Predeccesor: Stewie Griffin
Successor: Incumbent
Country of Origin: Happy-land

His Imperial Majesty Doug E. Doug is the current Emperor of the World, after having succeeded Stewie Griffin on January 1st, 2003. He was the long-time enemy of Joseph Stalin, and has helped the world in many ways. Doug E. Doug rules every single country in the world, except Soviet Russia, the American Empire, Germany, and France. The empire he rules over is known collectively as The Empire.

His Life so Far[edit]

Doug E. Doug was born to Hitle R. Swatstika and his spouse Ev A. Swatstika on December 12, 1982 in Happy-land. Doug E. Doug attended primary and secondary education, and got a Degree in Homeyness from Nayru University in Hyrule. After returning to Happy-land, he formed the Homey Part of Happy-land, and tried to stop Stewie Griffin's conquest of the world.

Doug E. Doug gathered an army to lead against Stewie Griffin. After Griffin was defeated, Doug signed a treaty with Oscar Wilde and God to become Emperor of the Stewian Empire, which is today known as "the Empire".

The Empire then consisted only of the country of Australia. During this time, Joseph Stalin threatened Doug with nuclear missiles, and Doug did not retalite directly, saying:

"I ain't got to g-homey to give to Joey S., but he ain't gonna bust any f***ing missiles on my or my country's ass. I ain't care who got the power to threaten me, but amen I'm sayin' to you, gee, for nobody messes with Doug E. Doug and gets away with it. That's right!"

Doug E. Doug's speech became so popular that it was repeated by George W. Bush in response to Iran's threats, which lowered Bush's popularity even more. When he asked Doug E. Doug how he got high popularity ratings with "that f***ing speech", Doug merely replied, "I got the way of sayin' it, gee, ya know what I'm sayin'?" But apparently Bush didn't know what he was saying, and today, Doug E. Doug despises Bush and vice versa.


Doug E. Doug is a stinking capitalist and a gentile. He commonely expresses beliefs in world peace and "non-violent war if war is needed, gee". Doug E. Doug is extremely popular everywhere throughout his Empire, and loves his people very much.

Doug E. Doug heavily criticizes Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush, and Adolf Hitler, saying "They got no way to alter dis place, gee.", a phrase which is often put up in ghettos to demonstrate hatred of these leaders (or the people's bad spelling).


There is no criticism of Doug E. Doug. He is adored by all. Heil Doug!