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The first Pacific Ocean
(self portrait, before God rethought Oceanic consciousness and went another way)

A bit of luck and a wave of a hand are needed to view God's deleted contributions. When you catch God and/or Mother Nature plucking away or wishing sideways at Her majestic-based timespaced-notrace cosmic keyboard, which instead of letters and numbers and confusing symbols is outfitted with hundreds of thousands of liquid and gaseous keys and pebble shaped molecule-smooth rainbows which God plays in single strings to all things and something or nothing in-beween, either forming and holding an idea in a single placespace or rocking out in all-time infinite multiple universal combinations like Thelonious Monk on hash oil. So stand way back, 'cause things be flying at ya without time and space leaning in to spoil the view. We are still very much surrounded by the eighth day of creation and going strong, so contributions of Goddess continue to rise into experiential reality to overspread it rapidly throughout all the universes (although the vast majority of 'Hir' contributions exist for only a zillionth of a nanofermisecond before She moves Her thought an eight-of-a-nillion planck length to the left and deletes them).

In one point of view, Goddesses' final work product, the one that we get to visit right now - the stuff we walk around on and can knock over with our fingertips or knuckles and make into some kind of appealing noise if we have a mind too, not unlike the apes of old - comprises but a quarter-thimble-sized tippy tip-tip of what a galaxy-wide iceberg would look like in His constant gaze.

So existing/nonexisting/counter-existing as the vibration of the Divine, all that is or all that will be or could have been everywhere everything everywhen, at once with time and space and thine, playing their parts almost as if they were real - a there-not-there scenario which comprises the curtain on the stage - the audience pop themselves holographed onto the scene and our individual considerations fill in the blank spaces. Then, like the air around us, positioned memes of agreed upon guesses color in some of the physical, emotional, and multi-spatial landscape and you have "the expecteds" tying down most of the rest.

Within this process, individual decision are being made so quickly that, yeah, some of those decisions cause key portions of the concept to warp the rest. Sometimes they are loose on the west wind and are deleted by accident, some are thrown overboard on purpose after further deliberation, and still others, when Jah gets distracted and almost makes a mistake, float free for a time and cause so much shift that Horus spots them and that's that. A very few of God's deleted contributions have always included:

The Really Nice but Irritating Cannon


People have every right to feel really really nice. Really nice! And to know that everyone else is feeling really nice, up and down along the bedrock personality spectrums of all species. God spent some time working up a Really Nice but Irritating Cannon, which gave everyone nice-ness to the nth degree a little while after they either got hit by one of the cannon's light-based projectiles (full of fluff and air and geese - soft landing and still-healthy geese), by those who actually saw the cannon being shot off, and by those who smelled or heard the cannon blast even if at a great distance or listening to it broadcast over the airwaves. But the cannon's noise, projectiles, and smell were very loud, offensive, and irritating to the people who weren't nice yet. Really Nice but Irritating Cannons were going to be set up everywhere, and would have taken up 96% of each nation's military budget. God deleted this. She didn't know why. It just felt wrong and would have done some serious damage downline.

These things


We were all designed to be zooplankton. Each human is hard-wired to have the instincts of a smart one-celled work-around of a real boy. You can see the people over on the right here, caught in stop action like they were either posing or yelling over to the guy on the left "I'm walkin' here, you muddafuc....!". But when the picture is speeded-up and seen in real-time, everyone was in there jiggling and bumping into each other's tentacles, exchanging lots of messages, proclaiming theories of what they thought what they were swimming in was made of while at the same time thinking about how far they could travel if they could evolve traction and protective barriers called skin or shell or whatnot. They communicated by various leg plummage shakes and touch pressures to tell each other to the whisker-length which direction they were swimming next and what portion of their ideas of societal interactions had become or would soon become reality. When Goddess tracked-out the long-range future of this intelligent and clever zooplankton race, oh yeah She deleted it pronto.

Call them visitors


Those guys on the left were just hanging out, man, talking about the hood. They were original Goddess creations, arriving here on the fourth day. And they all got real tame and smart over time. Then, as they saw lots of other things start to move around and do stuff at different rates of motion, they kind of blended in. They got into positions of power, held records for speed and height in the Olympics, and pretty much told the other guys what to do. We wouldn't know them from Adam, because Jah conferred with some of His future no-time/all-time symbol shells and aspects, and the entire view said that whatever you do, do not allow flying lioneagles.

Eye dwellers, post-modern period


All primates were also on tap to have wisdom powers beyond the set of any known perimeters which would work their way upline for tens-of-millions of years until they'd evolve an organ that replaced the right eye. Both the complexity and simplicity of this completly biological and user-based organ appeared exactly like what you see here, a beam of information with total input and output data-collectors equipped with surround-all which extended communicational lines to all living beings. The organ included identification abilities with share-bond tie-in with everything, even with life on other planets - some of whom are sea legends living and twisting in or near thermal mounds and vents but only surfacing now and then to scare the tourists.

Now listen to this with your third ear: Goddess was creating a crowd of nanobots at half-time of some kind of ball game, and then gave way to a ritual where She was outfitting this evolutionary eye change with the ability to give everyone and everything courage mixed with the utmost compassion (allowing others their beingness pretty much covers it all). But when she lifted Her head and looked at something running around, like a jet-fast stony crab thing with goat arms or something, Isis chased after it and forgot everything He was doing. The maid came by and turned Shiva's createy machine off, and everything ceased existing for a few "hours" until Ishtar could think of a way to play down the mistake and the maid thing and jam it all back together with paradise-manufactured sticky tape and matches. She finally got it dwindled to temperature and vertical, started the whole thing up again, gave us sleight-of-hand to distract us, and tweaked the final picture until it fit. In doing so the eye-dwellers organ was lost and not even missed, because everyone forgot they used to have it.

Human infant puberty


Early in the human gene game Xenu arranged it so that little children would enter puberty at about four months of age. They'd either then catch a case of pregnancy at the "hands" of other four-month old babies, or be sold on the open market. They actually had only a brief window to conceive children before God, looking over Her shoulder, and the other Gods above Him looking over Theirs, put Their feet down all Together at the same spacetime and this already already up-and-running timeline was deleted with extreme prejudice.

The average circle of friends out for a stroll


The trula (pronounced "pla", with the accent on the 'a') was to be the defining sound to descibe an average circle of human friends (pictured above), in which everybody got along with everyone and everything else with distinct pleasure and maximum fun and pretty much always engaged in sport. Then what do you think happened? God took a look at it, shook His head "Nah", and this one also fell quark-first into the dustbowl of recent changes.

Purple heavy jello


Vishnu became bipolar for an instant when She was jerking around creating sacred mushrooms, and thought that it would be hilarious to make all lifeforms subsist on purple jello that was so heavy that nobody could move after eating, and everyone had to sit or lay around until they pooped. Jesus finally swam by and, seeing the plastic baggie that held the mushrooms empty, carefully checked V's edits and cast this one out.

Extreme tongue lashings

What wars would look like had Goddess not accidently deleted this when
someone called her from the other room. Godhead then forgot all about it. True story.

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