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The writers of the show have nothing to declare, but their geniuses!
Did you know...
According to Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces there are only six original plotlines and that two of them involve oral sex?
Stephen Hawkings and Coolio formed an unlikely partnership, notching up a staggering 27 wins, despite accusations that they engaged a "little black box of tricks".

“Will this do, Stephen?”

~ Noel Coward on If you loved THAT, you'll love THIS

If you loved THAT, you’ll love THIS is an internet comedy show broadcast on the Uncyclopedia Channel and currently in its third season. Brought to you from the creators of Holocaust Tycoon and the award winning Diary of Anne Frank the show featues the work of some of the best known tired hacks quality comedy writers that the internet has to offer.

Presented by erudite English Thespian Stephen Fry, in a reprise of his role of Oscar Wilde, each show begins with the now familiar quote section, in a fusion between the hysterical and the historical. <insert canned laughter>

Show Format

The show's primary focus is one of satire, often of a caustic nature when aimed towards celebrities (or other Attention Whores) or targeting current and/or topical events. Although rather free-form in its structure the majority of episodes do have a number of things in common. Sections on Quotes, Amusing Images, Cliches and Popular Culture feature frequently. Innuendo plays a big part, as does the use of subtle and often complex word play. Many members of the cast are adept at sticking in small nuggets of wit in the form of Double Entendres, frequently unscripted and unrehearsed.

The show revolves around a regular panel of contestants, each trying to out do the other. The scoring system utilised on the show is relatively open-ended, with the show's own writers scoring for each other. This has led to some accusations of Jingoism, tit-for-tat voting, and in some cases vote-rigging, although most people point out that it is a comedy show and they shouldn't take things so fucking seriously. <polite applause>


Despite the popularity of the show some critics have highlighted the repetitiveness of the format from one episode to another. Running gags built around kittens, 1930s Nazi Germany and Penis Jokes are often a recurring theme, in spite of the show's image as "cutting edge humour". Numerous accusations of Shark Jumping have been leveled at the writers in recent times.

Several of the show's writers have also been accused of lazily reworking their own (and in some cases others) work when writing a new episode, and numerous critics of the show have claimed that the writers frequently "go through the motions" in order to pick up a Golden Globe or some other award. Speculation linking it to the cash for honours scandal have so far proved to be unfounded.

A recent exposé by national media journalists has claimed that the show only has a small limited number of stories that are constantly regurgitated in slightly differing formats each and every year. <feigned shock>

Show Listing

The following list details the episode title and original airing date. Note: the same naming format was later used by the show "Friends".

Series One

First Aired Show Title
March 2005 The One With the Yak and the Gang-rapes
April 2005 The One With the Cheap Pop at Asian Government Officials
May 2005 The One Where My Children Were Fair and Had Stars In Their Hair
June 2005 The One With Soggy Crisps

Series Two

First Aired Show Title
March 2006 The One With the Hirsute Asiatic Land Mammal and the Bum-Sex
April 2006 The One With the War Against Malaysia; We Were ALWAYS at War With Malaysia
May 2006 The One With the Mellotron
June 2006 The One With the Lack of Concern Over My Snack Situation

Series Three

First Aired Show Title
March 2007 The One With the Hairy Bovine and the Unwanted Sexual Advances
April 2007 The One With the Trap of the Heart
May 2007 The One With the 27 Minute Drum Solo
June 2007 The One That Guy Wrote to Get Back to the Top of the Hall of Fame

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