James K. Polk

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James Knox Polk was a slave holder living in a golden fort. His profession was President of the United States of America, his hobby was playing Christopher Lee as vampire Count Dracula in Cosplay events. He fulfilled all the promises which he never made, and he won a war against Mexico. Thus he became the role model for Donald Trump. That kind of President Nero sang the No. 1 Hit Polka Dots And Moonbeams. He wanted to lead the whole US into slavery by purchasing Cuba, giving the Union a majority of slave holder states. After a life as bloodsucker he converted in the last week of his life from the Transylvanian Orthodox Denomination to the Methodists (a.k.a.The Trannie-Meths).


  • Any Lady only could regret dancing a Polka with that President.
  • The feminine of Polk is Polka. T
  • The Polka dance is Polish
  • He sang 'itsy bitsy polka dot bikini' to his wife whilst in the White House bath tub.