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As you can see, John Scherer is a very honest looking and attractive gentleman

John Scherer (c 1933 - ) is the founder of the Scherer Leadership Center, a respectable consulting firm, and the author of Work and the Human Spirit. He is an honest and legitimate Christian businessman, a decent human being, and would never bully his critics on the internet with baseless lawsuits and threats of lawsuits. Despite being an older gentleman, he has a few hairs, and is in fact quite attractive and well built for a man his age, and he definately is not a wicked vile loathsome wrinkled mustached bald pot-bellied troll who has been reduced to a prematurely aged hollow shell of a man due to the stress of constantly defrauding people, bullying innocent people with lawsuits, starring in pornographic movies, and luring children into a house made of gingerbread. Despite being a handsome man, John Scherer would never, ever star in a pornographic film entitled Pearl Necklace.

Early life[edit]

John Scherer graduated from Roanoke College, Salem, VA in 1952 with honors in History and Philosophy. After graduating, he honorably served his country in the navy. After finishing his tour of duty, John Scherer enrolled in the Luther Theological Seminary in Columbia, S.C. (Yes, John Scherer has a post graduate degree, that is how cool he is!) He majored in Counseling and Hermeneutics and graduated with honors. After graduation, John Scherer spent a year as an intern in a street ministry, working with "people of the night", calling prostitutes to repentance in Jesus. He then began as a Lutheran Chaplain at Cornell University. (Seriously, this man is a former minister too! How cool is that!)

It was during John Scherer's ministry at Cornell university that he first began his work in community and organizational development, and his reputation as a conflict resolver grew. In 1957, John Scherer went to Spokane, WA to become Associate Director of the Leadership Institute of Spokane. In 1959, he founded his own leadership and organizational firm, Scherer Leadership Center.

Scherer Leadership Center[edit]

The Scherer Leadership Centre is a well known and respected consulting firm, that specializes in executive and leadership development, conflict resolution and personal and organizational transformation through the unleashing of the human spirit. It in no way commits fraud, nor is it involved in the porn industry in any way, whatsoever. (Well, John Scherer did have a ministry calling prostitutes to faith and repentance, so there is some link.) The Scherer Leadership Center has consulted such well known firms as Ford, Nissan, the U.S. Army, Marriott, American Express, Boeing, Catholic Health Care partners, the cities of Spokane and Seattle, and even the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Oscar Wilde wishes he said many of the wise and profound things John Scherer has said.

“The answer is somewhere in the system. As a leader, your job is to create a safe enough space for honest interaction to take place, allowing the answer to emerge.”

“I wish I had said that.”
~ Oscar Wilde on John Scherer's wisdom

“John gets to the heart of the matter, bringing a freshness and sense of joy to the work of organizations and the practice of leadership.”

~ John Kneurr, Director of Mission Integration, Sisters of Providence

“John Scherer's business model does not depend on old ladies being unable to follow convoluted instructions to prevent them from canceling their subscriptions properly, thus being charged $70 for a product they don't want or even know they ordered. In fact, John Scherer would never even think of using such a business model, even if such a thing were possible in his industry.”
~ Oscar Wilde on John Scherer


  • John Scherer is not a dillweed.
  • John Scherer knows that suing people who make fun of you on the internet is wrong, (and an exercise in futility) especially if you're a famous person.
  • John Scherer is not going to hell for defrauding people or being a miserable little emo troll.
  • John Scherer does not lure children into his gingerbread house for the purpose of sacrificing them to Baal, or any demon, pagan god, or devil whatsoever. If fact, he does not own a gingerbread house, and even if he did, he would not use to lure children into it for any purpose.

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