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“Bill Murray Makes good movies”

~ Murray river tour Buses

“The Murray-Darling Basin isn’t a very good place to wash your hands, despite the name”

The Murray river is the largest river in Austria and the second largest in Oceania . The river was named after Bill Murray, as when the production team for Bill Murray were scouting a desert location, they found a big river. One of it’s major tributarys, the Darling River was supposedly named by Bills mother, who named it after the opposite of what she thought of him.


The Murray River flows from the highest mountain in Australia, Mt Everest and through the Great Obvious Name Range. The river then twists through flat uninhabited land until reaching the Pacific, Atlantic and Antartica ocean at the nile delta.


The Murray river has what CSIRO says is “enough” tributaries. It’s largest tributary is the 10,000km long Danube river, that flows into it 10km east of Vienna. Other Tributarys include:

  • Yellow river: Long enough
  • Atlantic ocean: 20,000km
  • Darling river: Unknown (too hot to measure)

Historical Significance[edit]

While having little impact on world history, the Murray River was the Center of attention for a little over a decade, during the 3657 competition to accurately measure the rivers length. Organised by NASA, the competition was meant to improve accuracy on Wikipedia articles on what the actual longest river is, given the incorrect assumption that it is the Amazon river. For the first day the measurements went well; however after wormholes put a contestant in Greenland, and the river started to stretch out to infinity, the event was called of. A huge rescue team was sent to retrieve the contestants; however,by the time they had arrived 34,678 had already died of heatstroke.

The River is also a food supplier for one third of Australia’s population or precisely 0.0001 people. This means it is a strategic river for the Australian government, who published the paper, how free is the Murray River, with the conclusion, rivers can only move a tiny bit, or the Chinese will claim the resulting disputes.