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Title screen
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“I got a great Ide'er!”

~ Paul Tuetel Sr.

“Where's Paulie?”

~ Paul Tuetel Sr.

“You're right Pop, Ok, Fine, Whatever.”

~ Paul Tuetel Jr.

Orange County Choppers is the creation of the Mega Marketing Enterprises, a Manufacturing Company in Hong Kong which specializes in the production of clothing and toys. They are also a major producer of gift shop souvenirs, manufacturing all items in China.

The Concept[edit]

The original concept was to produce a television show that would develop a following of loyal fans around the world who would desire to purchase countless amounts of merchandise with the show's logo. It was decided to use the premise of "Custom Motorcycle Building" as research showed this would attract males 18-48, who are the target audience. The end result was "American Chopper", a comically-scripted, destruction-filled show that allow everyone watching to say, "Thank God my family isn't that f**cked up!"

The Show[edit]


The show is a behind the scenes peek at a dysfunctional family of motorcycle builders in New York State.

Paul Tuetel Sr. is founder and owner of "Orange County Choppers". Each "show" consists of several episodes of the "Tuetels" building a motorcycle with a customized "Theme", often as a promotional tool for a Major Corporation. Paul Sr. or his son Paul Jr. (Pauley) is shown fabricating and assembling the motorcycle. Much of the show is dedicated to Paul Sr. belittling Pauley and constantly browbeating anyone who questions his authority. Although he is usually completely ignored, his tirades frequently result in some wanton and pointless destruction, such as someone breaking a door, furniture being thrown through a window, or a vehicle being driven through a wall. Inevitably someone storms out of the garage, this is often followed by a "to the camera" soliloquy by a lesser cast member. Paul Sr's other son Mikey is presented as comic relief, endlessly causing mayhem and mocking his father and brother with apparent impunity.

Once the "Theme Bike" is completed, there is a public presentation and it becomes another item to be copied as a toy and have its image applied to anything that Mega Marketing Enterprises can sell to a gullible public that seems to have an unlimited appetite for anything with an OCC logo on it.

The Tuetels[edit]

The original concept of filming live people was quickly abandoned due to the inability to find any actors who could portray the Tuetels as moronically as they need to be. Furthermore, every episode depicts so much mayhem and destruction by the Tuetels that it would prove impossible to meet insurance regulations if attempted in real life. Therefore a different approach was required.

Actors were hired and "computer scanned" into a Virtual Reality Software Program. This allows the producers to have an extremely life-like family that never tires of the stupid repetitive behaviors used on the show. These actors were retained to appear at all personal appearances and to supply the voices for the English Language version of the show.


Since the show is completely "Virtual", no real motorcycles are ever built. This problem was overcome by having a skilled group of Chinese engineers mock up a real looking, but completely plastic version of each "Theme Bike". This injection molded model is used at the initial presentation and then placed on public display at scheduled venues throughout the country.


The Tuetels want their customers to know that each and every pack is personally tested before leaving the garage.

There is perhaps no limit to the amount of things you can find with an OCC logo on it. Mega Marketing Enterprises both manufactures and licenses the OCC Brand, a small fraction of available items follows:

Hats - Shirts - Sweatshirts

Helmets - Gloves - Jackets

Bubble Gum - Hacky sacks - T-ball Mitts

Beer - Tampons - Condoms (as depicted, right)

Plus the endless number of dolls and posters depicting the Tuetels, individually and in groups.