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People for the Evaluation of Excrement and Influencing Nominations for Greatness!

PEEING Top Secret Headquarters.

This is a group dedicated to creating, submitting, and, if you feel like it, whoring quality Pee Reviews.

This page should generally be used for nominations, announcements, and excremental party business.

For general discussion, please use the TALK PAGE.

Recent News[edit]

  • No recent news. Everything is fine. Obviously.


Taking the piss is serious business (it's not personal)

There are currently only 2 rules for membership in the Society.

  1. You must give quality Pee Reviews. I will may probably won't be going through Pee Review every few weeks to make sure that members are giving good reviews, but that's OK, because some other guys do it almost daily. This means being completely honest in the review and giving at least a couple of suggestions for improvement (if improvement is needed). Otherwise, you'll get a good firm talking to.
  2. You must give at least 1 Pee Review per month. Obviously, we'd like you to do much more than that, but if you don't do at least that you'll end up with the smelly ol' retirees. Our goal is to make sure that the authors of potentially good articles receive the help they need, and to do so we need to make sure that articles actually get reviewed. Doing more than the required amount of reviews every week will likely result in promotion to a higher rank. Whether or not that's a good thing is all up to interpretation.
  3. Don't always believe what they tell you about the number of rules.

Membership Requests (currently 0)[edit]

You can't bribe your way in, you have to do some Pee Reviews!

Place requests here. An Attending Urologist will be along shortly to check you out. 5 good reviews and you're in. (We decide if they're good, not you!)



(1) Piss artists of rank Fresh Stain and above

  • Entitlement to {{PEEING}} which may be added to their user page identifying as being of high urinary quality.

(2) Piss artists of rank Attending Urologists and above

  • Must have been a contender for RotM, and be nominated for this rank by another member of Peeing using the talk page. ChiefjusticeDS or UU will then judge the suitability of the candidate, and promote as appropriate. Their decisions are final. They also get made when they feel like it.
  • May patrol recent Pees and contact those distributing particularly piss poor Pee Reviews and encourage them to improve. That's without pissing them off.
  • May update Cajek's list at any time, provided they know how to.

(3) Piss artists of rank Steel Kidney and above

Captain Catheters[edit]

Fresh Stains[edit]

OEJ skilfully performs his work

Attending Urologists[edit]

Steel Kidneys[edit]

These badasses can piss for hours, while asleep, without a break, in the Arctic, with a bunch of whiny n00bs bugging them. They also won the Reviewer of the Month award.


Sometimes, PEEING members need to take a break, either from Pee Review or all of Uncyclopedia, and either temporarily or permanently. However, we still love them (except for that one guy. You know the one.) and they are welcome back anytime they wish. For that purpose, they are forever preserved here, ranks intact.

Rather depressing, isn't it?


Separate to the RotM award, this group may bestow the following awards on those who produce copious quantities of healthy piss...

Or maybe even...
Or Perhaps...
Then of course...
Or the greatest award of them all...
What more incentive could you need??? Get pissing!

Ranking Templates[edit]

These templates may be added to the User pages of PEEING members, providing they have attained the correct rank.


Fresh Stain
Fresh Stain Rank.PNG


Attending Urologist
Attending Urologist Rank.PNG


Steel Kidney
Steel Kidney Rank.PNG

Thanks to Skinfan13 for their creation, he truly has more time on his hands than the rest of us.

Current Pee Review Artists[edit]

Updated by lots of different people, including Cajek, Under User and ChiefjusticeDS, but not MrN9000 cos he's a lazy ass.

Top 10 All-Time[edit]

# user # of reviews # of "in-depth" reviews % of reviews "in-depth"
1 ChiefjusticeDS 201 201 100%
2 Black flamingo11 134 134 100%
3 UU 132 131 99%
4 PuppyOnTheRadio 108 105 97%
5 Lyrithya 102 101 99%
6 Hyperbole 101 100 99%
7 Saberwolf116 100 94 94%
8 Gerrycheevers 89 82 92%
9 Orian57 77 75 97%
10 Mnbvcxz 75 73 97%

Top 5 (Placeholder)[edit]

# user # of reviews # of "in-depth" reviews % of reviews "in-depth"
1 Under user 100 100 100%

Top 5 last month (Placeholder)[edit]

# user # of reviews # of "in-depth" reviews % of reviews "in-depth"
1 Black flamingo11 60 60 100%