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Rouge the Bat is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. She is a professional treasure hunter, government agent, makeup artist, and brothel owner. Rouge loves all jewels, but lusts after the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald most of all. She will do absolutely anything to get jewels, and yes, we do mean just about anything.

Rouge's heavily endowed physique and breathy voices make her appear ditzy, when she is in actuality a clever and manipulative schemer. Some think she's a good example of a strong female character, some think she's a really shallow bitch, but all agree that she's a total cash-in on the 13–25 year old male demographic.


Rouge is a white-furred bat. Not only does she possess huge knockers, but she also has thighs like nutcrackers. She's an instructor in unarmed combat and makeup application, and can fly herself out of any danger, although most of the time she forgets bats can do that for hours at a time and just glides. She used to spend six hours every morning in the application of her makeup, but extensive practice has whittled this down to two.

Thanks to her flexibility and powers of flight, Rouge often participates in sporting events. While many people suspect that her involvement in Sonic Riders was initially a huge confusion on her part, she claims that she gets as much of a thrill out of hover-boarding as anybody else who has ever participated. Sporting events she has appeared at include the Nevada 2011 Poledance Marathon, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and 2015 World Pole Dance Championships - China ~ Beijing.

In-game, Rouge typically wears a fabulous skintight black body suit with a large pink heart-shaped breast plate and white thigh-high boots. On certain occasions, such as sporting events, she will don even more revealing outfits. While some complain that her choice of attire could attract the wrong kind of attention.

In video games[edit]

Rouge was born in Central City, which conveniently for Sega, was 18 years ago. She was an only child, and her mother was prone to bouts of alcoholism, sometimes physically abusing her. This understandably lead to Rouge leaving the household as soon as was legal in the state, which was the age of 7.

Rouge soon found work at a spa, which quickly taught her all about the most important thing to men: having somebody to bitch about their family life, who wouldn't remember it later.

Television career[edit]

"You must understand; I don't usually have to pay women for sex. But then I saw you, and..."
"Oh, that's okay. I don't judge, baby. Just unbuckle your pants - oh! you already have!"
"No, babe; I just never wear pants."
"Okay, well let's just get into your car and- oh, you don't have a car!"
"That's right, I walk everywhere. Well... run, usually..."
—Episode 76, "Shadow of the Jewels"

While like any actress, Rouge started small with bit parts and in adverts for sex toys, her career rose rapidly to medium fame when she became the main character of the short-lived but highly popular Jet Set Television series Sexy, Smooth, and After My Jewels, a show about an innocent young woman who due to her unfortunate financial circumstances is paid to steal men's jewels almost every night.

SSaAMYJ was highly acclaimed for its exceptional quality, with each episode taking up to three days to make and some scenes having multiple takes. It had extremely high production costs, though the male actors were usually never compensated for losing their jewels.

The series ended after 6 seasons with the DTV movie finale A Very Jewel-Thieving Christmas, when Rouge decided to expand her career into video game cutscenes. Her retirement from the show was mourned by fans, but she promised them that "I will never forget how I climbed to fame through their support."

Book of Adventures[edit]

Rouge continued her acting career with the video game Sonic Adventure 2, where she played second fiddle to emo hedgehog Shadow. Later, she appeared in the less-popular Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog.


Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

However much he denies it...

Some fans believe that their mutual affection for oversized jewellery makes Knuckles and Rouge not just rivals, but secret lovers.

On Rouge's part, this is true. Since Knuckles is supposed to be the Guardian of the world's largest jewel, Rouge has obviously taken something of a shine (ha ha) to him. She regularly visits him on Angel Island to keep him company and try to persuade him to turn the Master Emerald into the world's most garish engagement ring; he has thus far refrained. Also, the fanfic I wrote says outright "Rouge has a crush on Knuckles", so there!

On Knuckles' part, however, this can't possibly be true. The only thing our rappin' red echidna has ever paid attention to in his life is the Master Emerald, which he is so possessive of that he saved Rouge from falling into lava so he could save the Emerald shards she was carrying (Rouge denies this, claiming he did it so he could hold her hand). While some believe that Knuckles must as a consequence be a homosexual just like half of the other citizens of Mobius Earth 616, most documented evidence shows him trying to catch a peek, suggesting that he's just a cheapskate.

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

Rouge first met Shadow after sneaking onboard the Space Colony ARK and offering him and Eggman her assistance in taking over the world. Shadow later saved her life while blowing up Prison Island, and she made an enlightening realization—she wasn't too good for a man, Shadow was the perfect knight in shining armor.

Rouge seems to have a soft spot for Shadow. She has repeatedly broken him out of prison despite knowing all about his many, many convictions as a murderer. She also comes up with his bail-money on a regular basis, and sometimes breaks him out of prison. It's common knowledge that he spends many nights at Club Rouge for free. She is apparently helping him with his struggle against his heroin addiction.

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

Rouge gets along pretty well with Sonic, since he was the one to refer her to Sonic Team after meeting her while out on a casual jog through Night Babylon. Sonic has never been known to say anything bad about Rouge, ever. She recently offered him a co-starring role in her movie The Diamond Harlot 3, but since he was working on Sonic the Werewolf at the time, he politely declined. As a result, the offer was picked up by Vector instead.


Due to Rouge's looks, she is considered a sex symbol and one of the key factors in adolescents of the early 2000s having massive libidos and interest in the furry culture. Although many parents complained to Sega about Rouge's appearance, they shrugged it off by removing her cleavage for a few seconds in one episode of the television series Sonic X. This move saved Sega $2.47 in drawing costs, but resulted in a 77-day strike at Sega headquarters started by the creator of Rouge the Bat. To date, the Rouge the Bat character has cost Sega $4.4 million in retroactive pay and damages.


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