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This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningSourceActive?Tagged changes
sourceeditsourceeditNo longer in useNo14,350 changes
rollbackrollbackNo longer in useNo838 changes
apieditapieditNo longer in useNo383 changes
visualeditorvisualeditorNo longer in useNo325 changes
Added link to external websiteAdded link to external websiteDefined by the softwareYes310 changes
Anon edited userspace or made big deletionAnon edited userspace or made big deletionDefined by the softwareYes293 changes
mw-rollbackRollbackEdits that roll back previous edits using the rollback linkDefined by the softwareYes282 changes
mw-new-redirectNew redirectEdits that create a new redirect or change a page to a redirectDefined by the softwareYes182 changes
mobileeditMobile editNo longer in useNo138 changes
mobile editMobile editEdit made from mobile (web or app)Defined by the softwareYes97 changes
mobile web editMobile web editEdit made from mobile web siteDefined by the softwareYes97 changes
mw-replaceReplacedEdits that remove more than 90% of the content of a pageDefined by the softwareYes86 changes
Section blankingSection blankingDefined by the softwareYes71 changes
mw-undoUndoEdits that undo previous edits using the undo linkDefined by the softwareYes58 changes
mw-removed-redirectRemoved redirectEdits that change an existing redirect to a non-redirectDefined by the softwareYes45 changes
removed a Fix or similar tagremoved a Fix or similar tagDefined by the softwareYes26 changes
mw-changed-redirect-targetRedirect target changedEdits that change the target of a redirectDefined by the softwareYes25 changes
tortorNo longer in useNo24 changes
Construction tag removedConstruction tag removedNo longer in useNo11 changes
Fix tag removedFix tag removedNo longer in useNo10 changes
mw-blankBlankingEdits that blank a pageDefined by the softwareYes8 changes
removed ICU removed ICU No longer in useNo6 changes
Removed an obsolete maintenance tagRemoved an obsolete maintenance tagDefined by the softwareYes3 changes
Oasis category buttonOasis category buttonNo longer in useNo2 changes
categoryselectcategoryselectNo longer in useNo1 change
Anon blanked/vandalized an UnNewsAnon blanked/vandalized an UnNewsDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
New user created page with questionable titleNew user created page with questionable titleDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
AF2 triggered; it's supposed to be disabledAF2 triggered; it's supposed to be disabledDefined by the softwareNo0 changes
mw-contentmodelchangecontent model changeEdits that change the content model of a pageDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
abusefilter-condition-limitcondition limit reachedEdits or other events that couldn't be checked by all active abuse filters (help).Defined by the softwareYes0 changes