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I created this article a while back, and I'm impressed with how it's taken off, particularly how most of the additions have been in the same spirit. Since this article is meant to parody the FINNISH sauna and its' culture, try and keep that in mind when editing. For instance, references to American politics are a little too subjective, and not very relevant. Jokes about Finnish culture, winter, macho guys and sweating are however, good examples.

Stuff you can help with:[edit]

  • Oscar Wilde quote.
  • Pictures of hot chicks in saunas.
  • Jokes about Russians and Swedes.
  • Pictures of saunas.
  • a section linking BDSM and the Vihta. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hannes1813 (talk • contribs)
Sir: An Uncyclopedian with a total of 18 contributions, if he wishes to pat himself on the back for creating an article, ought not boss around other editors, especially advocating things such as Oscar Wilde quotes, which have fallen far out of favor unless one was to relate both to Wilde and to Finnish sauna. Also, depending on how hot the chicks in the saunas are, the photos you solicit will also be problematic with our Wikia landlady. This article is four tediously long lists, one of which you just made longer; and articles with such little coherence are routinely deleted. Separately, please sign your posts. Spıke Ѧ 21:29 14-Mar-13

I included my name for context, not ego. I figured if I was some random, people might not get why I cared. I'm not trying to boss anyone around. I saw that the article hadn't changed in a while and was trying to encourage someone to add to it. This is uncyclopedia: it's intended to be funny, with bits of seriousness, and so it's a delicate balance. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about how things work here, despite having read the guides when I started. All I seek to do is help entertain people. The sauna article caters to those who are familiar with saunas, and though that may be a more specific group, the fact that there is a thriving Wikipedia article on the same subject, clearly there is enough interest. Also, HOW does one sign posts? I know how to MAKE a basic article, but I have ZERO experience directly communicating with other users. I'm not interested in any animosity here. -Hannes1813

Very well. I have posted my own Welcome message on your talk page, which includes details about communicating not contained in the welcome you got. I do not know how you would have known that Oscar Wilde is not as big as he used to be, but suffice it to say that humor by imitation has given way to humor by humor. The point remains that this article needs desperately to be converted from lists to paragraphs of funny prose (as Simsilikesims told you on my talk page). Spıke Ѧ 23:53 14-Mar-13

Thanks. I don't edit too often, minor stuff usually, so I miss a lot of the trends. The article has changed quite a bit since I created it, but it seemed like people were enjoying themselves so I didn't have the heart to follow the original TOO strictly. I was honestly afraid of starting some sort of edit war if I deleted something I didn't like too much. I mean strictly speaking it's the community's article now, so I have to try and let others put their spin on it, but I'll see what I can do though.

As for my User page, I really don't know what to do there. I mean, I don't expect people to read that, and like I said I don't see too many conversations occurring later, but I guess maybe I'll figure that out. User:Hannes1813Hannes1813 (talk) 00:15, March 15, 2013 (UTC) 14-Mar-13