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That Guy (1900s-20--?) was some type of person ,who did the things, on-again, off-again,at that place. Known first as somebody your cousin knew, or perhaps your sister's second husband's red headed stepson,he built a reputation for which he is still famous for. Initially a bad egg, and then a good one, he was more frequently a scrambled one. At some time, as many men do, he experienced erectile dysfunction. In each of his stints doing the thing, he was super successful for a while before being fired or forced to resign. He established the intrepid "Arctic Post' in 1971,leading a team of sled dogs to deliver mail until 1973 when they were lost in a great blizzard. When he woke up, it was just a dream, but you were there, and so you were you, and you!

That guy is walking down the aisles of your local supermarket, honking his horns,late night in the parking lot and throwing rubbish next to highways. You know that guy, to some degree YOU ARE THAT GUY.

J.K Rowling ruins everything[edit]

J.K Rowling revealed in a Tweet that That Guy liked to wear silk stockings, and stroke the feet of stoats with a wet cucumber.

Avada Kredava J!