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Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Toontown Rewritten is a revival of a kids MMORPG made by Disney. The original game closed and this was made. This revival still receives updates.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Toontown Rewritten.


Toontown Rewritten takes place in a city full of furries.These furries kept building their town. But then, robots starting attacking the city with terrorism. The worst part was that these robots looked like human beings, the mortal foe of all furries. The protagonist is named <insert name here> the dog. It is up to them to shoot down the jets with pies to stop them from hitting buildings. It should be noted the cream pies are actually made from male cows, made from Rocky Mountain oysters.


The first area is Toontown Central. It is a world with no theme. It has the tagline "At least we are more normal then everyone else".

The second area is called Donald's Dock. It was named that purposely to try to get people to make the typo where they accidentally replace the "o" in dock with a "i". There are some sightings of the lock nest monster, what birds see in their nightmares. This is where Patrick goes to be stupid somewhere else.

The third area is called Daisy Gardens. It is a garden that is secretly growing weed. Also it is also growing the legendary flower known as a "poopy poppy". This flower functions as a toilet. The next is Minnie's Melody-land. It is a place where they constantly listen to Call Me Maybe. Any other tune is banned to the toons who live here. The next is the Brrgh. It is a wintry wonderland where everyone makes crafts using pine needles. The only food eaten here is frozen fish and yellow snow smoothies.

Finally there is Donald's Dreamland. The toons here are so lazy that they get slowly fatter by the second. There was once a 7th world called Funny Farms. The robots reduced it to a smoldering pile of ash.

A real life toon.

In game story[edit]

At the end of alpha, a event happened called Doomsday. The robots launched a kamikaze missile on Slappy and killed him. Slappy was going to be president, but Flippy became the president instead. The robots launched a full scale attack with guns. For the first time, players could see their favorite toons bleed to death. Somehow the toons won anyway.Later, Doctor Surlee turned out to be from another timeline and rewrote Toontown following the execution of all toons. Doctor Surlee created the "Gay meter." It measures how much homosexual love their is in the air. They hope it can put a end to the robots with the power of gayness.

The robots[edit]

The robots are separated into 4 categories. Sell-bots are for marketing all of <insert name here>'s deepest secrets. Cash bots are for accounting and farting out coins. They also pee gold. Law-bots are for making our favorite "furry books" illegal. This includes warrior cats. And finally Boss-bots are for docking their paychecks.

Mickey Mouse[edit]

Unfortunately. Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters do not appear. This is because they are all dead. They were murdered by the homicidal robots. Blood is everywhere.

A homicidal robot. driving Mickey Mouse's car after murdering him.

Field offices[edit]

These are going to come to the game. This is where all the robots are going to pee in the toons' mouths. They also capture a pussy cat. They plan on filling the pussy with cream. Firstly, toons go in the building in a attempt to save not only the pussy, but the cock also. Some gags will not work because they were huffed by the robots. The first room is a battle room where you kill the robots by using the death star super laser. Then you go to the bra room. You must raid the place of all panties and bras to get your gags unhuffed. They are also going to make cold caller offices and a boiler room that cooks humans when everyone turns cannibal.