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Big Bad Wolf blows down anti-immigrant wall UnNews Logo Potato.png

3 February 2020

Disneyland's beautiful wall fails the wolf test.

DISNEYLAND, California -- The much-trumpeted border wall between Disneyland and Looney Tunes fell apart when the Big Bad Wolf was called in to test its durability. A spokesmouse for Looney Tunes, Senor Speedy Gonzalez said this was a 'fair test' and showed that Disneyland couldn't build anything substantial.

The Big Bad Wolf managed to blow down two of the sections completely whilst a third one now leans more than the Tower of Pisa. Speedy Gonzalez said:

My government called in the Big Bad Wolf to try out Disneyland's latest construction to keep us out of their comedy franchises. As we saw, the construction firm hired by Disneyland's President Humpty Trumpty - Pig, Pig and Pig - failed pigly.

President Trumpty denied this is what happened and the Pigs were excellent builders of walls, penthouses, sties and walls. He said the test wasn't fair and that the Big Bad Wolf was a Deep State phony. President Trumpty said:

There was nothing wrong with these walls, they were built and designed to my specifications. Keep the Looney Tuners out and save Disneyland from cheap imported humor.

Pig, Pig and Pig said they working on 'new designs' to rebuild the walls. The Big Bad Wolf couldn't confirm if he would come down to the border again and breath-test the new fences. He needed to go into the woods to see a grandmother about Little Red Riding Hood.