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Where man always bites dog UnNews Sunday, July 25, 2021, 19:51:59 (UTC)

Eritean Wiki-Vandalism Day Goes Sour UnNews Logo Potato.png

2 March 2007

Eritea, Horn of Afica. Last month UnNews mentioned the forthcoming "Day of Wikivandalism" led by the heroic Eritrean Boy Scout movement. Planned for March 1st and with growing excitement for the day of revolutionaround the globe.

"We were very excited. Nothing I like more than vandalising wikipedia from my local internet cafe in Mogadishu" claims Otembe an Eritean Scout Master.

"In Africa we have a saying "pissing off middleclass liberals is really fun."

However come March 1st all went silent. "Our scouthut was raided by Cobra Storm Troopers. They beat us up and disconnected the server!"

However other scouts in the hills of Eritrea using wireless broadband continued their campaign.

"Luckily others managed to avoid detection, the 4th Ogike Scouts in Otube managed make a small mess on wikipedia. They claimed the cavalry of Poland uses donkeys."

"And Bob Geldorf is cunt!"

"Ho! I knew the middleclass liberals would be pissed. We prepered for the worst, even though I don`t know the meaning of the word cunt!"

Meanwhile on the Japanese secret spy satilite Colgate 1, Cobra Commander aka George Bush was planning retailiation.

"They vapourised our capital city yesterday evening! I didn't even know we had a capital city! I didn't even know Japan had a spy satilite!"

"Colgate 1 causing global terror"

Meanwhile George Bush commented "Ha! I am king of lizards! All hail Cobra!!"

"All hail cobra!"