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14 February 2013

A typical Uncyclopedia admin

Abuja, Nigeria -- Sources at Free Uncyclopedia report that they have dealt with their first DMCA takedown notice.

"Instead of following evil Wikia's foolish policy complying with a DMCA takedown notice per federal law, we used a much more innovative approach. We simply told the person filing to complaint to 'go fuck themselves,'" said an anonymous free Uncyclopedia admin. "Apparently, that worked, because the DMCA notice was withdrawn."

"I filled the DMCA takedown notice after I checked to make sure the image wasn't being used anywhere that could qualify for "fair use. In fact, it was being used nowhere other than its own image page," said James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica. "However, when they told me to 'go fuck myself,' I knew that I was dealing with a group of bad-asses, not someone I could push around, like Wikia or Napster. Sure, I might the law on my side, and the money to hire a team of lawyers, but I could never take this level of bad-assery. I not only withdrew the DMCA takedown notice, but released the image in question into the public domain."

The DMCA takedown notice comes as a surprise to many, considering Free Uncyclopedia has contact information. "Contact information is for Wikia and other gay niggers," said another free Uncyclopedia admin. "Instead of placing real contact information at the bottom of pages, we prefer to crack-wise in the navigation tools. We actually have pages about "terms of use" and "privacy policy," but we use those pages to make not particularly funny jokes, rather than give actual information, because information is for nerds. This in Uncyclopedia, the Content Free Encyclopedia Anyone can Edit, provided we get $1,500 in donations by the end of the month. Otherwise, we might have to a modest editing fee to cover the server costs, but I digress. My point is that if anyone wants to file a legal complaint, they can use the talk pages. I'm sure all the comments from the peanut gallery won't hurt us in the least in federal court, because humor wikis are above the law. Everyone but evil Wikia knows that."

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