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11 August 2020

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HOLLYWOOD, California -- Meghan Markle, an actress between jobs and Harry Sussex, formally known as Prince Harry, have landed a starring movie role in the Disney adaptation of fantasy novel Finding Freedom, a transatlantic tale of a working woman’s marriage to a popular prince.

Although both leads are being filled by first-time movie actors, Disney says they are the perfect choice for the roles, as they have described similar experiences in their own lives, as well as demonstrating authentic on-screen chemistry.

The movie chronicles how Prince Harry, the most intelligent member of the British Royal Family, and his humble but pretty new wife Meghan Markle, modernize the House of Windsor as the most "aware" and "socially mobile" of the Royal's Millennial generation. When not counting followers on Twitter, the couple are traveling the world in their gold-plated private jet, raising awareness of climate change, poverty and inequality.

However, things take a sinister turn, as their popularity morphs into jealousy, backroom whispers and skulduggery within Buckingham Palace — the house of the Her Majesty The Queen, located in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire — forcing the couple to flee to a Los Angeles celebrity mansion, and live out the rest of their lives in poverty and obscurity.

As part of the lucrative acting role, Meghan and Harry have granted exclusive rights to over 1000 plastic toys associated with the movie, as well as their own book adaptation of the movie adaptation of the book, which they hope to release alongside Markle’s own climate awareness book, Saving Trees.