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24 April 2007


Today, new World of Warcraft player (a so-called "noob") Garth Petersaaan, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was violently "pwned"[1]by a "L33T H4XX0R"[2] in the game World of Warcraft. The criminals proceeded to "gank"[3] and "teabag" the victim's dead body[4] until he was forced to cry himself to sleep, when the killers allegedly ran back into the jungle to hide.

Some witnesses of the heinous crimes in absolute shock at the pwnage. The one in the foreground is prettier.

Garth was able to comment for us, saying: "It was out of nowhere. I was just playing my level 12 Blood Elf hunter, xxlegolasrofllolxx and these level seventy hackers came out and ganked me. I got camped for about two hours. I mean it was atrocious, people talk about the holocaust, that shit was nothing compared to the atrocities he committed to my dead computerized self."

Police Sketch of the culprit. Highly Realistic.

Petersaan, a Vietnam Veteran, said he had never seen anything so horrible in his life- in reference to his avatar's virtual demise. "I didn't believe people could be so horrible. First the ganker came out of the jungles and used area of effect spells to kill the guards around me, and I saw my own best friends die right before my eyes. All we were doing was questing, trying to help some of the people get airlifted back to safety. There were so many of them, and they just kept jumping in and out of sight- like in the Three Amigos. I will never be the same" Witnesses of these atrocities were reported to having said: "OMGNOWAI?!" and another simply stated "LOL." There was also an unconfirmed report of someone "lolerskating" maybe even "Roflcoptering" near by.

Garth, always the advocate of social activism, went to the World of Warcraft forums to let his anguish out. He had hoped that people would be disturbed by the horrors of the humiliating teabagging that occurred there and that reforms would be passed in Congress to protect such new players from further ganking. Instead of help, comfort, and empathy, Garth said that he received replies of only icy sarcastic nerds who not only play World of Warcraft, but look at the forums too.

A flame war is said to have erupted, some of the responses protested the awful things that were committed to Garth's dead lifeless body, but most were actually in favor of the brutal carnage. Allegedly, users posted ASCII pictures of a man "Facepalming" that said "no one cares."

The terrorists were found by authorities (known to players as "Game Masters") later the same day, killing others, particularly blood elf paladins. They was charged with racial griefing, an indictment for repeatedly killing members of the same race until they give up, the penalty of which is the equivalent of a slap on the wrists. Our crew was able to find their leader later that day, in the mean streets of Ironforge. He refused an interview, but did offer this comment: "What we did today, and what we do everyday, is no different to what the other side constantly did, does, and will do to us. If we weren't out there killing them they would be killing us."

When imagining a crime so vile and indignant, one must ask, why?. The criminals' answer brings about only more questions to be answered. If only they would stop committing crimes then the rest may feel the need to change. As Gandhi said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. If you want a sense of just how terrible this crime was, here's something to try: imagine yourself committing them. What kind of sick, demented personalities would go murdering helpless players learning the ropes of an online game?

The impact of this horrific crime will undoubtedly be the subject of much debate and spark fierce debate over the nature of so-called "pvp" or player versus player combat laws. A UN congress has been planned for early next week to discuss the present situation. Various critics suggest that it very likely that a change in the honour system would be the first order of business. Numerous riots broke out about 2 hours after the news of the slaughtering was released. Aggroed gamers demand to see effective solution with the problem at hand. One provoked player said: "Congress knew about this potential lethal flaw in the lawbooks. They did nothing to uphold the rights of gamers. We will not rest until a satisfactory solution is implemented." A female gamer was in tears: "Congress, do you see these poor, pwned souls? Do you understand our pain?..."

Rappers Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Puffy have decided that they will hold a kind of "Hip-hop Council" which will discuss the effects of their music -which vividly describe mass murders or "gankings" while under the influence of illegal "haxx".

Worse yet, these kinds of crimes are becoming more and more common. Under current law, there is no penalty for "ganking" enemies, other than the possibility that they may retaliate. Many leftists oppose this policy and are also pushing for reforms. Whatever the case, this and other tragedies remind us that ending violence is up to ourselves. The criminal's logic is flawed, in that killing will only perpetuate killing. People must stop killing in order to end killing, a lesson we could have only learned, from a simple "newbie" getting "pwned."

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  1. or, murdered violently
  2. one who is powerful and who cheats
  3. murdered, but by a force which far overpowers the ganked- for example, being jumped by many people or a significantly better opponent
  4. he was able resurrect after he died, of course, but was immediately killed when he came back

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