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Queen hosts Trump and royal family

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Saturday, June 6, 2020, 22:01:59 (UTC)

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4 June 2019

'Is this how you introduce yourself to women you don't know, Mr Trump?'

LONDON, United Kingdom -- United States President Donald Trump found time, during his state visit to London with his family to look at some new real-estate projects, to meet with British Just Barely Prime Minister Theresa May, and incidentally Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump did not tweet that May was a "stone cold loser" — as he did regarding London mayor Sadiq Qhan — as, in May's case, that is not official until this coming Friday.

Trump said the meeting went very well and that Her Royalness was ready to sell Buckingham Palace as part of a comprehensive trade deal, which he called 'the least the Brits could do' for saving England from the Feminazis in World War Two.

I remember how our soldiers joined with the British to defeat and overthrow the Nasty Party. We beat 'The Hon' then, and we're beating them again. Their leader Angela Merkel is right now, bunkered down in Germany. She will soon be gone.

I will also visit French President Macron, and punch him for making fun of me and the USA.

'These curtains are definitely going!'

Trump brought along most of his family for the visit. Ivanka Trump is already measuring up the curtains at Buckingham Palace and said that once it has been 'modernised', the new 'Trump Tower/Berkshire' will be ready for business in 2020. Ivanka Trump said:

The old palace needs to be updated! I am going to start with a full makeover. The new palace will be all show all the way. No hiding the expense when I am finished.

The British Royals are expected to move their belongings in the next few weeks. They have plenty of other palaces in Britain, but may be tempted to sell out completely and let Eric Trump become king.

Jared Kushner stayed behind to run America.