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2 November 2020

The envy of leaders around the world.

EVERYWHERE, World -- In a world first, UnNews has canvassed world leaders on their opinions of President Donald Trump. In a process via a series of Zoom interviews, the various leaders around the globe were canvassed for their

All were asked this question: "What do you think of Donald Trump and the possibility that he will be re-elected?" Some gave brief comments that have been included, a few refused to say anything. Boris Johnson: "Wonderful fellow. If he wins I will be greatly encouraged in my hopes of continuing as Prime Minister despite the marked reduction in population here."

Vladimir Putin: "Great guy. I'm surprised that he hasn't dealt with his political opponents in a more forceful way. I have tried to set an example for him, you know."

Xi Jinping: "Nice person, but I can't understand why he allows other parties to exist. I would advise him to take over the Gulf of Mexico but I have to support those cha-cha dancers in Havana."

Narendra Modi: "Interesting man, but I cannot fathom why he pitches himself to the lower castes in America."

Kim Jong-Un: "I think his practice of firing anyone who disagrees with him is excellent. Unfortunately that doesn't really get rid of them."

Aleksander Lukaschenko: "I'm amazed that he can get ordinary citizens to shoot people who don't vote for him. I have to pay the secret police."

Recep Erdogan: "A shining example of a good leader. Now if only he was an Islamist."

Maha Vajiralongkorn: "His subjects love him. I have more money than Donald Trump. We love our subjects. They love me."

Mohammed bin Salman: "Superb ruler. Keeps fighting emission standards and dissing electric cars."

Justin Trudeau: "You can't be too picky with your neighbors."

Yoshihide Suga: "You can't be too picky with your allies."

Scott Morrison: "You can't be too picky with someone who says he is religious."

Jair Bolsonaro: "You can't be too picky with someone who says COVID-19 is a hoax."

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