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(NOTE: This section will be mercilessly edited to make it look like a faq.) You ask. Somebody will answer. For example:

Why is the tutorial so sketchy?
Because it was thrown together by a drunken lizard the day after the aliens invaded. As time goes by, it will be expanded and refined.
Where can I get the proper software to record my wonderness - preferably for free, but legally?
Short answer - Audacity. Long answer here.
I { am too lazy to do | suck at | don't have the instruments for } performing. What do I do?
Use a sequencer, hopefully one with samples, and get any samples that you may need. Oh, and RTFM (highly recommended).
How do I make my song sound like I performed it in a colluseum, in concert, or while on the toilet?
Use one of the best effects ever invented - reverb. (In Audacity, it may be labelled as GVerb.)