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This is an essay. It is not an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia, so you should ignore it even more and disregard the mad ramblings of its writer. Or you could submit it as an Uncycloversity assignment in lieu of actually doing any work.

The login form, click to enlarge. This loser also uses Firefox. He therefore fails at life.

Registering for an account here on Uncyclopedia is not necessary to edit (anonymous users are free to edit and create content if they so which) but we encourage it, as having an account provides a number of additional benefits. These benefits include:

Instant benefits

Registered users instantly acquire a userspace. For starters, this means:

  • A user page: a page with your name and the prefix User:, which you can use to write whatever introduction to other Uncyclopedians you feel inclined to give,
  • A talk page: a page with your name and the prefix User talk:, in which some Admin or Welcomer will amble around and give you a formal, file-based welcome,
  • A potentially infinite number of userspace pages in which you can put stuff that isn't ready for the main encyclopedia but might be, some day.

Registered users also get:

  • One vote (rather than half a vote) on what articles appear on Uncyclopedia's main page,
  • The ability to use the Upload page to upload illustrations to use in your articles. These can be any pictures you have on your computer. (No shock images or illegal content, please.)
  • Most importantly, your chosen username lets you strut around as an Uncyclopedian.

Balky, straggling benefits

After a few days, depending on whether the servers work, you will acquire even more benefits as restrictions against "new and anonymous users" cease to apply to you, on account of your sudden lack of newness:

  • Editing such pages as we have protected against those new and anonymous users, giving you sudden unexpected ability to influence the workings of the website
  • The ability to move pages
  • You will have a greater voice in site happenings (Please see the dump)

Clandestine benefits

You might worry that we get greater ability to track you. In fact, we get less. Any edit you make as an anonymous user is logged to your IP address, which lets everyone see what city and probably what house you are calling from. When you pick a user name, we'd have to ask permission of the Suits to get such information, and we'd only do so if we thought you were using multiple names to game us.

How do I create an account?

It's really simple! See that shiny Login / Create account button in the top right corner of your screen?

  1. Click it.
  2. Next, switch over to the create account screen.
  3. Fill in all the fields with the appropriate information.
  4. Click confirm.
  5. PROFIT!

I can't create an account. HELP!

A number of problems may arise, mostly to test your mettle and prove your worthiness.

Uncyclopedia has a different namespace from the rest of Wikia. This means that not only can you not use a name that has been taken, but you cannot use a name that was taken by you. We regard this as the perfect system "to avoid confusion"! So you will have to pick another, and live out your life with your username on Uncyclopedia being different from your username on the rest of Wikia. Most users append numbers onto the end, as though it were a password, to make it perversely difficult for the rest of us to address you. Others pursue difficulty of being addressed in different ways.

With luck, you will find a username that has not already been used by someone who logged on in 2006 and never made an actual edit. If ten attempts fail, try something else, such as dicking with capital letters.

Why should I make an account?

Were you even listening to me before?