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Features: 75.5

Anne Hathaway, Mortal Sin, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (with PF4Eva and Funnybony), Garage sale, HowTo:Blow a dog, Sideboob, Nintendo (with Paizuri & Skinfan13), Giant Jew Band, Bruce Wayne (IC collab), Ghosts never seem to play fair, Dennis Kucinich's wife‎, HowTo:Create a sandstorm, Warm piss water (rw), Spider (rw with Fredd), Why?:Reinvent the wheel, Tantra (rw with Funnybony), UnPoetia:Well-Oiled Birds (with Guildy), Tim Burton (ΥΣΣ collab), Rolex, Marilyn Monroe (with Black Flamingo & Claudius Prime), Taco (ΥΣΣ), Chicken (ΥΣΣ), Jack Dempsey (with Funnybony), Ann Coulter (rw of GerryCheevers rw), UnBooks:Fishing For Children, Disguise, Dreaming, Cemetery of the Absurd, UnBooks:My Daddy Has Two Yachts, California Marijuana Initiative, Bed, Weird (née ΥΣΣ, mostly Black Flamingo), Never on Sunday, The Threat of Festivus, Uncyclopedia is almost full, Jesus was Christian, NOT Jewish (with a 92 vandal sock), HowTo:Go into the light, Todd Palin, Lonely Hearts Column (with Black Flamingo & his gang of ten), Kitten Cookbook, Blockbuster (née ΥΣΣ, with Black Flamingo & Skinfan), Pearl necklace, Science Fiction (colonisationation), UnNews:5-year-old tricks Wisconsin governor (includes a great audio by Dexter and Mrthejazz), UnBooks:The Old Man and LV, Mike Tyson (with Funnybony), Viking Metal, Dinosaur (IC collab), Friday (song) (with this IP), Tombstone, People Who Like to Fuck Naked, Damaged goods, HowTo:Frighten small children (rw), UnNews:Abraham Lincoln was an asshat, historian concludes, Skunk, Inbox (with everyone), Chicago Seven, A pizza a day keeps the doctor away, Puddle of shit (shameful VFD save of a The Dit page), UnNews:911 conspiracies explained by a sandwich, Corpsearian, HowTo:Turn nature into collectibles, Snow angels, UnNews:"All Narcissists Look In A Mirror Day" celebrated, James Bevel, Mohandas Gandhi (with MrN9000 and Ryuken), Dead Dicks (lucky to join Funnybony's anti-war page), Homophones (grammar), Bing Crosby, UnNews:U.S. Supreme Court allows everyone to go naked, Above Top Secret, Ron Paul (with MrN9000 and Jockie Pirat), Frankly Disappointing Telescope (PicsnCaps on a NicknNora page), Bipolar Girl, UnNews:FED cites plight of Kennedy, Jesus to warn dissenters (Collab with user:Funnybony), UnNews:Surprise winner of Masters Golf Tournament cries "Ow!", Yoda (with Xamralco), Peacock, Claudette Colvin, HowTo:Beet off, UnNews:Man marries brown rice, Great Library of Alexandria (with Spike), Thainglish (with Lulu), UnBooks:The Second Conquest of the Moon, Oz (TV series), God's deleted contributions, Dogs (with others), UnBooks:My Pal Stanley Kubrick, Guidebook to the Voting Rights Movement related faces in the cloud, Will Harridge, UnBooks Biography:The guy who invented soap