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Fandoom Villa. Private home of the hedge fund owners of Wikia and therefore Uncyclopedia.

It goes without saying which is why I am saying it here that Uncyclopedia is the best. The best at what I may hear you whimper? To bunk off exams?? Write about your mates or torture a tortoise??? Probably all that and more.

So as you can see by the photo, Uncyclopedia has made a lot of money for someone. All that free help we got in the beginning helped enormously. Thanks George and George.

As Uncyclopedia moves into the age of FANDOOM, this villa will only get a lot bigger.

This advert was paid for by Uncyclopedians Disunited, a SuperPac that packs heat and toilet rolls. Make Uncyclopedia Crap Again (MUCA) supplied the phones and nipple clamps.

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