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IRAQATTACK!s EXTREME way of dealing with vandals.

1. I dont agree that first time vandals want attention. I think they do it because they are just bored and want to do something. I think instead of saying that they are stupid, explain to them what they just did and that they are destroying others work.. I think of uncyclopedia as some old lady garden. When some kid comes along and steps in the garden and then the old lady comes out and starts screaming and cussing at the kid that kid most likely wont like that lady. Infact that kid might just go to her garden and jump around in it just to piss that bitch off. I think that you should be nice to first time vandals so there is less of a chance they become repeat offenders. Vandalizing a wiki is like banging your head against a brick house, you accomplish nothing except every now and then the people living in the house have to come out to tell you to stop making noise and to wipe the blood of the wall. Its pointless. I know this sound kind of gay but i think it will work.

2. I feel WP: Deny is a complete lie. If a vandal wants attention he going to keep doing it untill he gets it. To go out of your way to not mention a vandals name is just stupid. But I think you should avoid all direct contact with vandals. Prentend that repeat vandals have some virus that turns you into a british nazi gay zombie and gives you aids. Its is ok to write about them but not to talk to them. When you block them say nothing. Just put a space.

3. When a repeat vandal goes on IRC tell him once what he is doing is wasting everyones time and ask him nicely to stop if he keeps crap flooding or being a jerk ban him. If he comes back DONT Acknolage him!!! Ban him right away!! Dont say anything to him or about him.

4. Ban ip edits but because that has already been turned down many times so I wont go into detail.

6. I think that small vanity stubs should be allowed to be blanked by normal users as soon as they see them. I have found vanity stubs and cyber insult stubs that have been around for a couple of weeks.

7. I dont think there has ever been a very smart vandal here. I mean someone who goes beyond blanking pages and screws around with VFH and VHD QVFD votes. Keeps vandalizing the same couple pages. Deletes parts of pages but adds crap. I think that if someone were to work hard they could become a problem. 1RAQATTACK! 14:17, 31 October 2007 (UTC)