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“Sorry, but I prefer all my own abuse unfiltered.”
~ Oscar Wilde

This is not an actual Uncyclopedia user but the username under which the abuse filter operates. The abuse filter reviews every action made to this wiki and is set to counteract some of the most common penetrations by 'bots and by members of prank web sites. Some of its settings are visible at Special:AbuseFilter. The abuse filter may warn users, may note controversial edits in the activity log at Special:RecentChanges, and may be set to ban users.

Among active Uncyclopedia users, PuppyOnTheRadio and Spike are most likely to understand the cause of any undesired behavior by the abuse filter and are able to do something about it. Although, if it has already blocked you from editing Uncyclopedia, this will be just another of those "everyone within the sound of my voice" announcements you hear on the radio.