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Noob of the Moment Award Noob of the Moment May 2018

Hello everybody!

Yours truly is a long-time fan of Uncyclopedia who has been making contributions for a little while now. However, advice is still welcome, as I am still learning to become a better writer. Contributions to any pages that I edit are also more than welcome, as I still enjoy learning from others' examples. IRL, I am a fiction writer, a history major, a hopeless Otaku weeb, a coach for youth sports, and a casual gamer. Generally, I will stick to writing about topics that I am familiar with.

In a past age, I was once known by the name Keezfocer, but ages come and go, and much changes with the turning of the Wheel of Time. At least, that's a fancy way of saying that I forgot my login credentials for that account and I still can't figure the shit out.

Cheers! -Alec

My Projects

Pages I've created


Dr. Malcolm warned us not to create more monsters. These articles probably never should have been born in the first place, but here they are... God help us all.

Pages that I've edited way too much

Facepalm 2.jpg

Due the ceaseless incompetence of yours truly, the following articles have been run into the ground and are now a shadow of their former selves:

Current Projects

At the moment, I am working to make once-pathetic (or nonexistent) articles actually enjoyable. I am especially working to create new articles about subjects that will help attract more even web traffic to this site. The following are some of the projects I am currently spending a lot of time on: