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"Mommy needs a pick me up." --AmericanBastard 23:36, 22 April 2007 (UTC)

AmericanBastard: is a half German, quarter Jewish, 113/17th Klingon, 3 QUARTER JELLY DOUGHNUT, and a highly sacrilegious and inflammatory two-legged mammalian with fingers and some pubic hair. Often claims to be American though some question the nominality as to whether he/she is from the ubiquitous America (U.S.A.) or Brazil. AmericanBastard encourages you to ask him/her this question, even though you probably could care less, so that he/she may proudly ignore you.

Originally known as DJ Cockspank, but was banished from Uncyclopedia in 1984 for vanity. Felt ashamed, discouraged and unfunny. As a result, AmericanBastard mutated into a caterpillar and sought seclusion in some cave to ponder grievances for 9 months, the gestation period of a butterfly-mutant. AmericanBastard has happily returned to the faceless internet community of uncyclopedia to waste more time with people who think they're funny.

Member since Dec 2006. Feedback (-42)




  • Jewbag - Funny, nonetheless huffed, by none other than Jewish admins who concluded that this was the only form of censurable racial offensiveness.
  • DJ cockspank - HUFFED* - My first article ever. This article was so incredibly vain that if you ever red it, your veins would've popped out of your skin and slithered away like snakes near a fire. Persistant recreations of it granted me a very sexy ban of 3 months, an attempted suicide over uncyc, and Rasputin's pickled loins... In a jar!!

Me hope u injoyed résumé,, do I get job now?

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