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Stop hand nuvola alternate.svg RIP Dave
May you Rest In Peace.
Dead sysop.jpg
This Admin has run down the curtain,
and joined the choir invisible.
Please do not disturb.
(Find another Admin to bother.)

I have done:

  1. Koopa Troopa
  2. J.F.K.
  3. Nintendo Entertainment System
  4. This is the Song That Never Ends -- before it got rewritten
  5. bar-hopping
  6. pronoun
  7. Joystick

Pages that have come from stuff i have done (for my own amusement and to hopefully keep my self continuous):

  1. Common Standard Time
  2. Sophisticated Complicated Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  3. Community Chest
  4. Old Tech
  5. Street Fighter 2 Discipline

Pages that i did that got wiped cause they sucked

  1. Elitist

things to use

  • Old Tech
  • New Tech
  • Jesus H. Christ