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13 November 2009

Several Korean Seamen who lost their lives in the Yellow Sea

Ying Pow, Korea Military Line- In the early hours of November 5, three South Korean Naval Ships attempted to test Korea's first ever accurate weather system in the yellow sea. The government hoped that the new weather system would allow them to for the first time to actually predict the weather. However moments after the test began the three ships were ambushed and destroyed by the Imperial Navy of North Korea.

South Korean President: Lee called Northern Dictator/Rap Artist/Cthulhuist: Kim Jong-O'Neal III in hopes of learning why the attack took place. Over the phone Jong-O'Neal was very rude, calling Lee "The Pig who could not stop eating. who rolled over and died from being to fat". He then proceeded to call him a "S*** face capitalist Donkey F***er". Needless to say President Lee was most upset with Mr. Jong-O'Neal Remarks and proceeded to hang up.

The Presented was later quoted saying, "Jong-O'Neal and I have never gotten along. Even during the last US Invasion, where the North tried to fight them Directly and the South tried to sabotage them behind their backs. We had been arguing with each other even then. Oh course back then we argued over what to do about several crock pot surgeons who were changing the face of the War."

Unfortunately Jong-O'Neal took the call's end as an insult and ordered over ten thousand troops to descend on South Korea. Surprisingly they met with little resistance, as most civilians and military personnel were watching the television series M*A*S*H as it had premiered for the first time in the region back in April of 2008. Although the North Korean Military lies only 25 miles from the Capital of South Korea. Jong-O'Neal has called for a temporary hold on the invasion until the end of the 2010 Winter Olympics where he hopes to not only defeat democracy in sport, but also humiliate President Lee further with more name calling while at the event.

The devastation unleashed by the North Korean Army