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Shitty crap that you should never visit due to its supreme shittyness

“Since homosexual males are called "gay," homosexual females should be called "ecstatic", but bisexuals are just greedy, like me.”

~ Denza

“Oh wow, this guy only quoted me once, and that too, in a userspace article!”

“Are you implying that the above does not count towards that number?”

~ Denza

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This article contains material related to Japanese animation and was done by an Otaku. Don't be scared by the huge eyes and enormous tits.

Carlb-sockpuppet-02.jpg Excuse me, did we correctly find your inner sock puppet by saying you are Denza252?

Why Hello There!

So, I see that you took the plunge and came to my userpage. You might have done it seeing my edits, and the random obscenities I keep yelling everywhere (Not anymore). Or, you came here because I may have reverted your edit, or changed one of the pages you are working on. Of course, you may have come here because you thought my sig was interesting. Anyhow, you won't find much here, just a few tools for me, some hotlinks, and my userboxes (they are pretty, aren't they?)

A bit about me

I revert edits and such, vote, suck up to the insatiable admins praise the admins, and make some changes to anime related articles or whatnot. The userboxes are all true, so that gives you a idea of my person. If you look at the categories, you'll see that I am under Uncyclopedians with Aspergers. This is also true. You can call me Denza, or DSA510, or "That Uncyclopedian nobody cares about or likes." I hope that someone will like me... I'm so lonely... just me, and my computer(s)...

What I do

As a student, I study, naturally. I also edit here, browse tvtropes, chat on IRC (as MangaKaDenza, or TheFakeazneD525). I also do a few manga sketches, and over the summer, I'm going to make my first yonkoma series (bing is a powerful tool). I also deal with robotics, and do a bit of coding when I feel like it. Also, over the summer, I shall be preparing for one of the many useless standardized tests (think SAT), and I have enough self control not to be like "Fcuk skooL!!!11! I unycycyclopedian! I EDUT MAOR!" so the summer (June to around September) will be a time of few edits from me.


I won't draw the following for you: Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, or free Manga. I'll only draw it for you for payment. (Not really) Nor shall I help you pick stocks, and tell you my ideas that I intend to make money on.


Damn, I couldn't write it in time...


I will at some point and time, post an image for reference or something. But if it gets plagurized... And I will always be happy to help format some article stuff for you, or help with a sig, or something to do with uncyclopedia.


If you want me to do anything, harass me at my talkpage, which I won't archive till 400 sections, or when it overloads my tablet, or I feel like it.

When I Say "I did it as a joke"

...I actually mean it. I'm sometimes: bad at being sensitive to the target demographic, was in a state of boredom/overstimulation (those may be 2 very different things, but the same comes of both of them), using a cryptic in-joke, or permutation of the aforementioned. If you feel offended by any of my jokes, please understand that I never mean it with malicious intent, and that I am not the best judge at deciding such things.

My Opinion on the split

It was unnecassary. But, I will unbiasedly edit on both sites.

How I look


Fuck Denza252

Why? Because I said so.

I see you are using Internet Explorer... I LOVE YOU NOW!

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  I hate being tracked...
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User:DungeonSiegeAddict510/Len and Rin Kagamine
 I wanted to write this for the PLS, but I don't think I shall finish it...

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Feel free to vanda... er put some stuff under this line.


Catgirldance.gif lolspam Hatsune-miku-dancing.gif Austrian I lost a bet... so... Lolspamlolspam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOUCH MAH P33n! LOLOLZOREZ! Phr33 Vijagr3!

Feel free to spa... er vanda... er, put stuff above this line