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About Me: Confessions Of A Countertroll

Yes I had experience with the building in the photo. This is a screen cap I sent to for discussion.
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and as such is an expert
Tornado Dodger

I understand the humor of this site, kind of like The Babylon Bee. Funny and informative. Thank you for having me as a guest to your home, those of you who are fan fiction writers. Really should think about how you approach history and do your bloody research damn you. I dealt with Encyclopedia Dramatica, you fact check to create funny. I am your resident expert with Open Office and Libre Office, any questions the talk page is open for you.

I have a lot of experience dealing with Encyclopedia Dramatica and had dealt with so I can mimic the voice in both of their pages. I operated in the small press since I was 28 years old though not retired from publishing, I am showing others how to do it too.

Clippy as something to say and one of our resident smart asses helped him say it

So those of you wonder where the funny comes from, see my own classmates with their jokes as I fact check everything I do, and careful with that ax pal because some may not know where it comes from. Even my alumni make cameos on some pages such as Fan Fiction. I am having fun with this believe me, I know how to come in informed funny right but sometimes the joke gets over everyone's head and they eve have to research it just to get the jist.

I am as old as the internet so I've seen it all and remember when my former room mates have MS Word. The fan fiction craze with the genre fandom grew when the small press did, some of us did co-exist. Others wanted to kill each other more or less. One of my contacts is contributing to Time Magazine, and the photo a contributor did under her information she provided the under my notes no less.

I do have something for a contact who discovered me so we have a wishlist for her and she will be working with a screenwriter, any questions about where you can do help her out with this. She is paying for college and it ate a lot of her expenses; she is connected to The African History Network. I had shared her photo with the owner for the site and some of us hang on a facebook closed group where it's 31,000 large population (about the size of Glendale Heights, Illinois.)