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Evileye trans.png You have reached the page of Sir Famine GUN Bur. If you wish to Cavil, please do so.

A former horseman of the apocalypse, Famine has since retired, and is living his unlife out in Ponderosa. Famine has also been attending meetings of AnRed, although they have begun to complain that he is a bad influence on other members.

“Sometimes the only way to improve morale is to shoot all the unhappy people”

Contributions to Uncyclopedia

If you stumble across something amazing, my hand has graced it. If it sucks, I did not write it. Unless the history says I did, in which case I was drunk.

Silly people occasionally give me awards. They are here.

How Come you keep on deleting what I add?




Actually, if you really are wondering why, this is why.

And if for some reason I hate you, stop messing around and Do some work! I've never banned anyone for doing work. Bold text