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Earn your crust

...or people that please me.

I've just awarded you a pie <insert name here>, but if I didn't place you on the list. Add yourself.

If you do something which I approve of, you may lucky enough to be awarded the following:

Note: This is worth absolutely nothing except my respect. And a pie.


Bloopy; Boothman; Cctoide; CScott; Czar Yah; Demonbob; Hardwick Fundlebuggy; Hrodulf; Iritscen; Nintendorulez; PiOFFive; Porsche; PrincessCaitlai; Rfc1394; SarinZero; Stig; SonicChao; That Guy Huffed Me; Yuri von Juan;.user:RPBnimrod;.

Note: I did not award Connorjones a pie, Jizm did.