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Hye, I'm Jakkinx, my page will suck like this for a while, since I'm busy.

Shuriken.jpg This user is a Ninja, with dominion over everything totally sweet.
CohoSalmon.jpeg This user is a fish, or at least thinks so.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG This user likes llamas, and rides them on a daily basis.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG See? Look at him. He really likes the llamas.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG No, seriously. That's him there, on the llama.

<-- See?

Llama Rocking Chair.JPG Stop scrolling down, and admire the llama. It's much more interesting than the actual userpage, trust me.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG What, you don't believe me? Fine, see for yourself. Don't blame me when you die from lack of llama.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG Whoa! You made it! Good job!!

Now go away.

Mr rubber ducky.gif This user has been approved by Mr Rubber Ducky, have you?


Sign1.png This user is a mutant.
Paladin.gif This user is a paladin. Hide your demons and undead.
...This user would be a professional procrastinator, but he or she can't be bothered.
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall.jpg This user is from Camelot,
and eats ham and jam and spamalot!
This space for rent.

This user has a crapload of userboxes. To see more of them, go to some other page.

This user gots a shuvel. Yes {{{1}}} does.
Official This user is official. They get all their user boxes from here.
Cnorris.pngWARNING:This user knows Chuck Norris and therefore must be either Mr. T, Chuck Norris, Oscar Wilde or dead. Proceed with caution!!!