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This is the Uncyclopedia Party Register, where you can vote in 10 members to represent your rights from Uncyclopedia's premier parties and usergroups to help represent your rights. Now you might be asking yourself what the point of all of this is. Well, it makes people feel like they're important even though they won't have much of a say in it anyways.

Senate Members

Senate Members (with the exception of Mr. Janitor) have a 90 day term, with unlimited possible terms. The leader of the group who has a majority is declared Majority Leader. The second largest group gets minority leader, and the smallest group gets Speaker of the Floor. Majority and Minority leaders, and Admins can block legislation. Admins overrule the Majority and Minority Leaders, and the Majority Leader overrules the Minority Leader. As the "nice try" seat, the Speaker of the Floor is the fillibuster. The Janitor archives pages.

Position Candidate Name Party Statement
Seat (1) Tom Mayfair USC
Seat (2) High General Emeritus TKF GA
Seat (3)
Min. Spkr
High General Grue GA
Seat (4) Bonner USC
Seat (5) Joe9320 GTC
Seat (6) Mordillo UTO
Seat (7) RAHB USC
Seat (8)
Maj. Spkr
Jocke Pirat USC
Seat (9) Kalir UF
Seat (10) Uncyclopedian UF
Admin Mhaille INDEP
Spkr. Floor Kingkitty UHA
Janitor Leoispotter INDEP
Assistant Janitor Spaz INDEP

Each user running in a seat has permission to call themsleves a senator in their sig if they choose.


Election for chairs can start now. Please create a poll with the poll tags for the chair you wish to grab. Only the chairs marked "seat" and "admin" are directly available for grab. ONE CANDIDATE PER PARTY PER POSITION. Independant is an exception. DO NOT VOTE UNTIL ALL CANDIDATES ARE LOCKED! In addition to this please run for chairs which have the least amount of people.

Candidates currently are: OPEN. Candidates may seek election or reelection in all seats.

Seat One (Representing the residents of the Village Dump)


Seat Two (Representing Benson's House of Pancakes)

<poll> Vote for Representative High General Han Solo (GA, runner, currently Seat 3) Another Candidate (Party Abbreviation, Incumbent/Runner) THIS CANDIDATE IS BETTER THAN YOU </poll>

Seat Three (Representing the urine test department)

<poll> Vote for Representative Candidate (Party Abbreviation, Incumbent/Runner) Another Candidate (Party Abbreviation, Incumbent/Runner) Fuck voting. I want to pee. </poll>

Seat Four (Representing Death Penalty contributers)


Seat Five (Representing medal awardation contributers)


Seat Six (Representing UnBooks and offspring projects UnPoetia, HowTo, Why? and UnScripts)

<poll> Vote for Representative Orian57 (CMC, Runner) Uncyclopedian (GA, Incumbent) In Soviet Russia, Candidate Choose You! Pirate-Lawyer (Independent, Runner) </poll>

Seat Seven (Representing UnNews)


Seat Eight (Representing Special Interest Groups and Lobbyists)


Presiding Administrator


Speaker of the Floor (Tiebreaker)

<poll> Vote for Representative GBA2005 (UTO, Runner) Another Candidate (Party Abbreviation, Incumbent/Runner) I want a cookie. </poll>


Majority wins position of Janitor. Next Biggest Candidate wins position of Assistant Janitor. <poll> Vote for Janitor Candidate (Party Abbreviation, Incumbent/Runner) Another Candidate (Party Abbreviation, Incumbent/Runner) Yo quiero Taco Bell </poll>

Currently Represented Parties

Insignia Party Name Party Abbreviation Affiliations Currency Party Statement Main Page
Unsoc Flag.png Uncyclopedia Worker's Party USC Moscow Pact Valjuta (VAL) ฿ Writing is peace! Wikia is slavery! Satire is Strength! Here
Unato.png Uncyclopedians Against Tyrannic Oppression (Uncyclopedia Atlantic Treaty Organisation) UTO None Yoinxx (YNX) ¥ Don't let the bastards grind you down! Here
Goa tse glyph.jpg Goa Tse Clan of the Goa Tse Republic GTC Rick Roll Pact and User:Joe9320/IllogiPact Illegal Untender (GTU) ☺$ UNSOC is for dicks. Goa Tse opens the lower. Here
UHA.png UnRebellion UHA Rick Roll Pact Yoinxx (YNX) ¥ I'm Talkin 'Bout A Revolution! Here
Uncyclopedia flash.png The Grue Army GA Moscow Pact Credits (CRD) C To Protect and to Serve Here
Urban Dead.gif Uncyclopedian Forces UF None Yoinxx (YNX) ¥ We remove demonic vandals from the streets! Here
Nofu2.png Order of the Nofu ON Moscow Pact Nofu Dollar (NFU) № Secret
Unarchist.jpg Uncyclopedian Anarchist Party UNAP Moscow Pact Anarcredits (AC) AC ANARCHY, ANARCHY! Here
Cmc.gif Cow Moo Cult CMC Moscow Pact Cows? Moo moo cows moooo mooooooo, moooooo! (Let the cows reign superior, eternal!) Here
Wiki.png Independant Party INDEP None No specific one Meh Here}