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School has taken lots of time so soz if im not that active for the moment. I'm sure i'll find more time this summer once i've passed (probably failed) most of my exams. Sorry for the inconvenience. If there is anything just leave a message. I do try to check my talk page regularly. Cheers!

Commander of the Order

“In a galaxy far far away... Kit paddle joined Uncyclopedia ”

~ Yoda on Kit paddle

Who is this Kit paddle nobody talks about, has he written any interesting articles? Has he!? No he has not.. Pathetic! But if you're interested in mildly funny articles feedback is always nice so plz give them a read. If you're like me and would rather look at boobs do that instead. If you feel like telling me you hate me and my humour let me know on my talk page. Don't click here but here. (Kind words are also welcome)

List of articles
OK, not my best work but its the first one I wrote and in my fair opinion it aint that bad, even a bit funny at points =)
I personally like it but understand that it may be a bit local and descriptive. I do feel satisfied with my quotes at least =P
Having watched quite a few star trek episodes and having 2 friends that qualify as fans I had to write this about the upcoming game. Live long and prosper!
Short review but it had some actual good tips. I like to think this news is better than my first try.
  • Thinking about writing a full-blow article about those Wacky Waving guys.
  • And a new idea where I'd write about Salesmen.

Must read articles (Articles I find awesome and wish I wrote..)


p.s This is one great link if ya need help editing/formatting an article.