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Minitrue has fix article for your safety.

Miniluv untolerate works of crimethink and bullshit- goodthink fullwise betterhealth.

Miniluv Briefing:Leatherboundbooks[edit]

Having arrived at uncyclopedia at an earlier time in his life, User:Leatherboundbooks saw it as an entertaining site but as nothing more than a diversion. One day, out of boredom happiness, he took advantage of the idea of a Content-free encyclopedia that anyone could edit as an outlet of his creative bullshit(y). Since then, he has rewritten some articles in an anachronistic light, and does original research doubleplusungood crimethink. Miniluv editify doubleplusungood crimethink for great justice. Miniluv fix article with doubleplusgood goodthink.

Original Articles, etc.[edit]

To view the crimethink propagandas of Leatherboundbooks, see:

Rewrites + Edits[edit]

And read these too, for Leatherboundbooks inserted his foul crimethinks into these articles as well:



But be warned, this user is not finished in his vile crimethinks and sometimes plays his priest in World Of Warcraft World of Whorecraft on the Dalvengyrpussy server