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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for John Galt?
This picture was taken of John Salt, but he/she turned off the light. If you want to see him, you must become John Salt or Joan Salt to understand him/her and then this picture will turn into a mirror and look just like you instead. John Salt is a shapeshifter like Loki apparently and can look like anyone or anything.
Rare picture of Joan Salt. The photographer was savagely beaten but the MicroSD memory card was undamaged so we were able to recover this picture after the mortician removed it from the dead photographer's anus along with the broken digital camera. Not really sure if this is the real Joan Salt or her bodyguard.

"Who is John Salt?" for females "Who is Joan Salt?"

John Salt or Joan Salt is a real salt of the Earth kind of person who had injustices done to them or ones they love. Not to be confused with John Salt the artist or John Galt apparently. John Salt is a main character in a book called "Loki Laughed" aka The Cementhead by "Author Unknown" or "To Be Determined". Completely and totally different and not to be confused with Atlas Shrugged aka The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and other such brainless and confusing and controversial novels and books.

John Salt is a composite being, he is every man and woman and boy and girl that keeps the whole world going for the elite fat cats that secretly control and manipulate and ruin things.

John Salt died for his or her country in every war ever fought.

John Salt died in the Nazi Holocaust and the Communist Gulags and Death Camps and during the USA Japanese Concentration Camps, and was shot in the head until dead by terrorists, dictators, fascists, communists, and really really evil people who were monsters and not even remotely human beings and killed by serial killers and workplace shooters and terrorist suicide/homicide bombers and terrorists poisoning or crashing planes into them.

John Salt was discriminated at his or her job by every employer on the planet for no good reason and treated by management like something they scrapped off their shoes.

John Salt was lynched and hanged and raped and murdered and destroyed by racists like white supremacists, Black Panthers (the ones who kill people), Communists (The ones that kill people not you guys here), Nazis, Neo-Nazis, and other groups who teach hate and violence against those who are different by race or something else. John Salt is considered inferior by these groups and then murdered or forced into silence or forced into living in Ghettos with no hopes of ever getting a good paying job to earn a decent living.

John Salt was beaten up by the mafia and gangstas because he or she knew secrets about his or her employer that they fired him or her for, because they feared he or she would go public with it to make sure he kept quiet. In some cases John Salt was forced into suicide or murdered or killed and made to look like it was suicide or an accident.

John Salt was picked on by bullies at school while teachers, vice-principals, and principals did nothing to stop it and they all only encouraged the savage beatings as "School Spirit" and "School Pride" to weed out the deadwood, the inferior ones, the geeks, the nerds, the homosexuals gay lesbians transsexuals transvestites or even those accused of being those but not really like that, the dorks, the unpopular kids, the ones that nobody liked because they were of a different culture or race or religion or non-religion, or whatever. Many nerds, dorks, and geeks, went on to do computer, engineering, and scientific work for those who bullied them in school and never got credit for their work as the bully managers took credit for it and then fired and discriminated against them heaping stress and verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and even physical abuse on the John Salts of the world until they quit or get fired.

John Salt was screwed by every government in the world and forced to pay taxes he or she didn't fairly owe and his or her business was forced into bankruptcy and he or she either became disabled, homeless, both, or just got thrown in jail on trumped up charges or a mental hospital for no reason than he or she didn't fit in society or the community or wasn't notable enough or didn't fit the plan.

John Salt had everyone he loved turn on him or her because of his or her mental illness, his friends abandoned him or her because they called him or her names like crazy, stupid, retarded, nuts, insane, and used their negative emotions instead of empathy, compassion, forgiveness, or any common sense, logic, reason, or critical thinking to treat him or her fairly, because he she was different in some way or they projected their problems on him or her and used him or her as a scapegoat.

John Salt was trolled off the Internet by Anonymous, hackers, dupe hordes, liberal professor debate scripts, Glenn Beck "Arguing With Idiots" debate scripts, logical fallacies including personal attacks and appeals to emotions, politics, and other things.

John Salt has died billions of times, but still survives and lives on through the other John Salts of the world and thus John Salt will one day survive enough and band together with his many selves to start to bring justice, fairness, mercy, compassion, kindness, fair play, courtesy, honesty, respect, dignity, and he is a student of Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatmas Gandhi and many other peaceful people with passive resistance using words against violence and nonsense.