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Warna Brotha! FACT ALERT:
This user is known for his excessive use of "lol" and emoticons. Proceed with caution.

Where I was spawned: Québec (aka Frozen wasteland)
Born: Ice age
Mental age: 2 days
Gender: Male
Habitat: Igloo
Maternal Language: French
Political views: Terrifying
Member since: 16 April, 2011


  1. HowTo:Become an Assassin (First one I wrote, got trashed on VFH.) (Round 2: Featured! with Leverage)
  2. Heaven's Gate (Featured!) I became a good boy, second best of the month!
  3. Bohemian Grove (Quasi-featured) (Featured! with Funnybony)
  4. Doping in sports (Featured!)
  5. Boston Molasses Disaster (Featured!)
  6. Rand Paul (Featured!)
  7. UnRecipe:Fantastik flavored hallucinogenic ham with Uranium seasoning (Featured!)
  8. Boyfriend (Featured! with Black Flamingo)
  9. Mini-golf (Featured! with Magic Man)
  10. The 9-11 Commission Report (Quasi-featured!) the first time I submitted it, I submitted it again after I thought I improved it a lot and then it was trashed :P Better forget about this topic.
  11. MKULTRA (Featured!)
  12. HowTo:Train to look awesome! (Featured! with Magic Man)
  13. HowTo:Snowboard your way to awesomeness! (Featured!)
  14. Door handle (Featured! with Shabidoo)
  15. Don King (Featured!)
  16. Mount Everest Disaster (Featured!)
  17. Herman Cain (Featured! with Magic Man, Socky and Romartus)
  18. Mexico tourism brochure (Featured!) Second best of the month!
  19. Steve Irwin (Featured!)
  20. UnRecipe: Crunchy Beaver with Pine Gum Coulis (with Oliphaunte) (Quasi-featured!) (Featured!) On second attempt, didn't change a word lol.
  21. Rick Santorum (Featured! with Xamralco)
  22. Resident Evil (Featured!)
  23. The Great Elephant Revolt of 2011 (Featured!)
  24. Quebec City (Featured!)
  25. Tour de France (Featured!)


Wonka internet.jpg
  1. UnNews:Obama: We're not responsible for drones with US Army emblem's actions (Featured!)
  2. UnNews:Boston wins Stanley Cup while sore losers destroy their city (sparked a shitstorm)
  3. UnNews:Tour de France 2011 filled with controversies (Featured!)
  4. UnNews:Jack Layton passes away, even separatist Quebecers mourn
  5. UnNews:Obama: "Iran will have a nuke by 2167!"
  6. UnNews:Fox News uncovers Ron Paul's demonic past!
  7. UnNews:Stay strong, great people, for Kim Jong-il passed away (Featured!)
  8. UnNews:There's 'gay' and then there's 'Oscar de la Hoya gay' - an editorial by Bill O'Reilly
  9. UnNews:Mitt Romney tired of flip-flopping accusations; decides to undergo brain surgery to forget last 15 years
  10. UnNews:US elections shaping up to be the most democratic train wreck mankind has ever seen
  11. UnNews:Iran attacks the US on American soil!
  12. UnNews:Tom Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix cycling race while smoking a cigar (Featured!)
  13. UnNews:Our Great Leader Kim Jong-un brings even more prosperity to us glorious North Koreans (Featured!)
  14. UnNews:Montrealer fed up with strikers dismembers one (Featured!)
  15. UnNews:Debate over death penalty raging in Canada (Featured!)
  16. UnNews:Cannibalism becoming increasingly popular (Featured!)
  17. UnNews:Benny Hinn strongly opposes Obamacare
  18. UnNews:Uncharismatic cyclist wins Tour de France in boring fashion
  19. UnNews:London Olympics athletics report
  20. UnNews:Lance Armstrong endorsed by drugs company
  21. UnNews:Cold wave hits Canada, global warming in doubt


  1. Québec (Featured!) (the article I'm most proud of)
  2. George Carlin (Featured!)
  3. Nineteen Eighty-Four (Featured!)
  4. Earth's Children (Featured!) (best of the month, tied with 2)




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