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It was movies like these that are said to off inspired the bomb attack

i`ve been doing standup comedy for about 2 years, so dont worry im hot shit, currently married to japanese woman and stuck in tokyo.

yo tell us what you think if you dont like my crass remarks.

Jean-Bédel Bokassa is did this its wicked.

what im going to write

Self (philosophy)

African Culture witch doctor Idi Amin mobutu

Land of Culture my ass!

rodney dangerfield

Cornerstones of english culture harry hill alf garnett pg tips


British Cowards

Ah Britain! Ah Cowardice!

Now kids when we where not machine gunning Africans, murdering Spanish merchants, beating up native Austrailians our great leaders where always there to support our one sided battles again John Foreign.

Britain has produced the greatest cowards on earth. This secret is hidden by the phrase sportsmanship and a 1960s Carry On films.

Arthur Ernest Percival

This guy decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese in 1943 to save his own bum, while letting 1000,000000,00000 other British and Indian soldier`s struggle with learning Japanese POW slang and bad cooking.

Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

Famous for having German parents, this made he overly qualified to order 6,086 allied soldiers (mostly Canadian) to attack Germans. Now the punchline is that while he was having is uniform drycleaned, his Canadian friends were trying to get ashore, in a little French seaside town called Dieppe. However this proved difficult, as the Germans were shooting the living fuck out of anything that looked suspicously hostile. As I am sure you can imagine our Great General Hero Mounbatten got a frosty response, but it aint so bad! He got a Sea =Scout Unit, named after him. Bad luck boys!

However the happy ending came when the IRA blew his up, ah up there in heaven with his German friends!

James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan

Not really a coward,


, he did the centuries old tradition of horse vs machine gun. He was writing a school newspaper article on the subject of how crap horses are.

Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton

Employed by the British goverment to kill 250,000 Austrialians, ha! That will confuse the Germans!

Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton pictured here aged 7.