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Sgt. O'Rourke discovers someone's been using the fort's only cannon as a latrine. Hilarity ensues.

F Troop is known to many as "Fucked-Troop", but since the show was on TV, they called it "F-Troop" since you couldn't even say fuck on TV. This Troop is known to be like Hogan's Heroes if it was set in the Civil War. It's also known as the North's side of "Birth of a Nation".


The end of the Civil War was near when quite accidentally, a hero who sneezed abruptly seized retreat and reversed it to victory.

Captain Parameter, who fought in the Civil War as well as the Mexican-American War, would sneeze violently and yelled "Fuck" very loud. Someone in the platoon thought he said "Charge" so they charged into Gettysburg and won the Civil War.

His Medal of Honor, pleased and thrilled his proud little family group. While pinning it on, some blood was spilled, and so it was planned he'd command...F Troop!

Captain Parameter, who nearly lost all of his blood while getting The Medal of Honor, the most blood that he lost in the Civil War, would command Fucked-Troop which was somewhere in Kansas.

Where Indian Fights are Colorful sights, and nobody takes a lickin'. Where paleface and Redskin both turn chicken!

Fucked-Troop is near an Indian Reservation and the Indians have built a Casino over there and sometimes they would give their revenue to Fucked-Troop. But sometimes when demand is high and no one goes to the Casinos...both Indians and the Fucked-Troop would fight each other.

When drilling and fighting get them down, they know their morale can't droop. As long as they relax in town, before they resume with and bang and boom...F-Troop!

The town called Fort Fuck (renamed Courage for TV), Kansas has a record of Indian Casinos and Bar Fights. And every time you hear the reville, it's always out of key and the Lookout Post falls down every day!

Regular characters

F Troop officer & enlisted men

  • Captain Wilton Parmenter (Ken Berry), the "Scourge of the West" – the Village JP (Justice of Peace) at Fort Fuck and his family has been in every American War. His grandfather was in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War, and his father fought in the War of 1812. But Parameter would get both the Medal of Honor and Purple Heart in one day. And still...he never understands why he's so successful.
  • Sergeant Rourke O'Rourke (Forrest Tucker)[1] – He's the businessman in Fort Fuck and he controls the Saloon and Casino in Fort Fuck alongside with the Fugawi Tribe which live across the train tracks.
  • Corporal Rudolpho (No Middle Initial) Agarn (Larry Storch) – the Mexican immigrant who fought on the wrong side in the Mexican-American War and was generally considered a dumb-ass. After fighting on the foes, he stayed at Fork Fuck throughout the Civil War.


  • "Wrangle" Thrift (Melody Patterson) – she owns the saloon and was the first and only lady to fight in The Civil War and is in love with Parameter.

The Hekawi tribe and tribal members

Around the area of Fort Fuck, there's an Indian Tribe called the Hekawi Tribe. Originally they were called the Fukawi Tribe, but many fainted when they heard their names because of what they were called. So they called themselves the Helawi Tribe, but still many fainted...but not as much. They are now known as the Hekawi Tribe because they don't know where the fuck they are.

Today, the Hekawis reside in both Kansas and Oklahoma where they have many casinos, just like in the TV Show.


In 1965-66, the show was seen in Black-and-White because they felt it would be very historical, but when the show went into color in 1966, the show became unwatchable. More than the Pruitts of Southampton and Lawrence Welk...but then again...Lawrence Welk was losing audience anyhow at that time since Rock and roll dominated at the time.

But in the 60's, it was very common to have a show last for two seasons. And today, F-Troop has now been long forgotten.


  1. I think he used to be the Skipper from Gilligan's Island.