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You may be looking for a Chorded Zither instead and not even know it!

The Auto harp is an musical instrument invented in 1882 has 48 strings and has been used by such artists as June Carter Cash, John Sebastian, Jamie Stewart, Johnny Cash's wife, Billy Connelly, Karen Mueller, Roger Penney, Johnny Cash's babies mommie, Carol Stober, Pop Stoneman, Lyle Mays, Mike Pinder and the negatively opposite of Johnny Cash's non-second husband.


The Invention

There is an intense debate going on over who actually invented the Auto harp. On one side, some people say that a German immigrant in Philadelphia by the name if Charles F. Zimmermann invented it, and the other says Germany invented it. This is outrageous, of course, for Germany was where the Nazis lived.

Finally, they were released, and began selling like Jesse James head on wheels.


The main part of the harp is the strings. When stroked, the strings make noise.

However, in a popular pumpkin restaurant in Spain, a man saw great entertainment in harp, and thus, people were paid to play it while others ate pumpkins. With a spoon.