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Spooky Facts
69 This user is 69 years old. Woop-ti-doo.
us-PThis f****r speaks American English heavily laced with profanity that would make a f*****g a*****e sailor blush from all the g*******d blasphemy.

ja-AYah meeht nawt beh abble tew undersvand zis usehr behkuz zey zpeek Japanese whif und estreemleh theuck akzent.

tx-AYah meeht nawt beh abble tew undersvand zis usehr behkuz zey zpeek Texan whif und estreemleh theuck akzent.

uk-FThis user got an F in Correct English and likes their native language better (if they have one).

TI-83.png This user plays games on a graphing calculator as they live in the Philippines or are extremely weird.
Windows Logo.pngThis user uses Windows because he or she can't get enough of your lover.

Chromelogo.png This user uses Google Chrome, because it's Google.
No Wikipedia.png
This user does not have a user page at Wikipedia because he or she thinks that they take things way too seriously over there.
HisNoodlyAppendage.jpg This user is Pastafarian and believes articles become featured through his noodly appendage, not hard work.
Straight.jpg This Uncyclopedian is happy to be 100% straight
42 This user speaks fluent Douglas Adams.
BS This userpage is bullshit.
Hammer and sickle.png This user is a

& is working on their
Lenin mustache! ☭
Image-4.jpgFormerly lost among the dregs of society, this User has defected and crossed over from the dark side. Welcome to the machine....id2