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I am PopGoesTheWeasel. I made my account at first to attempt to write a couple of articles and test out how the humor in Uncyclopedia can, with the right guidance and mentoring, divert me towards a more diabolical method of basking in the criticism and jaunting of the environment I am around in such age. It was, needless to say, a stunning experience. Shortly after joining and briefly screwing around with the new discovered(as it is for me) environment, my surprise was pleasurable. I made my first article with great confidence but as you understand, we all make mistakes. I look back at it now and realize how embarrassing such conditions are, even in the years as you are naive and young, are of no excuse to face the reasonable feeling of how awkward it is to read your earliest pieces. After that, I made my second article, which reeked of the same arrogance I pursued in my pleasure. During this period of time, I gained one of my earliest awards, the Noob of the Month award. I proudly envisioned it as I waited hungrily, as I was still a pretentious jackass then. Around this period, or perhaps before since I have such poor memory, a wonderful user called Frosty had decided to take me under his wing. He performed his tasks flawlessly and was responsible for much of the help I have received. Around then, I slowly started going around and disturbing the shit out of other users. My articles heaped into a pile of this, this, this, this and after that, I decided I'm too lazy to type the rest of my crap. However, since old habits die hard, and since I'm an asshole, I'm going to state that my first feature was in fact, a collaboration with a magician, a a cool dude with shades or something and a Lollipop.

Don't ask.

The only other feature worthy of presenting here is this one, which was in fact assisted by one of the greatest writers I have ever seen. I consider myself in dept to great minds who are all too many to be able to mention, which just clearly shows you how much of the dependence I need to task myself to even achieve the minority of success. Growing in such a website has evidently been intimidating but slowly learning to grasp the humor of something instead of just being an ass is really damn artistic to visualize.

I do have a couple of awards to proudly be a dick about, though.

Commander of the Order

Noob of the Moment Award Noob of the Moment November 2011

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This user created Shanty town, an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Good for them us!
(If awarding yourself please update the award statistics)

And here is a random picture I manipulated because I'm so jackassy.

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These are the articles I have created so far. Half of them are actually over 50% factual.

HowTo:Be a Santa rapist
Illogical Logic
Shanty town (UN:REQ) (Quasi Featured)
UnNews:Shirtless Drunk Man Creates Havoc
The Mysterious Ball (Failed VFH)
The Day The Earth Stood Still (Failed VFH)
UnNews:Magic Man Turns Me Into A Frog
God's userpage (Collaboration with Xamralco, Magic man and Lollipop) (Featured)
Video game (Rewrite) (Quasi Featured)
Richard Pryor (Featured)
Lasagne (Featured) (Second In Top 3 For October 2012)

These are the articles I am currently working on, or have ditched.

I really can't figure out which is which.

User:PopGoesTheWeasel/HowTo:Steal Tommy's Cookies
User:PopGoesTheWeasel/Dick Turpin
Kingdom of Pagan (Collaboration with User:Jonny appleseed)
The Wonders Magic Man Turns Me Into
User:PopGoesTheWeasel/Delta Force
User:PopGoesTheWeasel/Friedrich (novel)
User:PopGoesTheWeasel/Automobile (Rewrite)
User:PopGoesTheWeasel/Jack Churchill

On a lighter note, the environment has been established through the most mature of ways and methods I could ever imagine. I am hardly as I can imagine, even be able to compress the truth of its magnificence. Uncyclopedia is pretty much a place to mock, but with the essence of humor that would be much of a crime to take seriously. Yes, even the production of this page was a joke itself. What I pride myself in, though, if there is anything to be proud about, is to be part of a community in which is heavily authorized by the best of what humor can suffice in. These great minds are supposedly what keeps this amazing website running and I am a mere stain in its presence. It is of such laughable content that I end of with the gratitude, that is, to the entire community that is what has probably fueled my very existence in Uncyclopedia.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to masturbate.