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You said Samson???, stronger and more fashionable than me? That makes me angry!!!

Also known as Asteroid B612.

So who is this guy anyway?

Eh... let's just say I was by born in Uruguay, South America, and I live in Israel. I've been uncycloadicted since december 2005, although I edit mainly our Spanish version, and I'm more into blogging lately (in spanish).

I confess

Member of the Order
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  • My first edit was on December 19th 2005.
  • I made over 3300 edits, but made too many of them in forum and talk pages, that's why I used to appear high in the Slut lists
  • I am also a bureaucrat at Inciclopedia, uncyclopedia's Spanish-language sister, which I happened to have founded.
  • I've been nominated to adminship twice, but I rejected. I can't administrate two wikis at a time.
  • I like Wikipedia. Shame on me.

My kids

Apreciate any coment on them. Some of them still need some work. Although a bit short, I think UnHistory is the best article I've made. The rest are pretty good too I've been told, but a bit unfocused (made them on my n00by days). For my articles in Spanish see here, far better.




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